$1K XRP Drop — Here’s How To Qualify…

April 26, 2022 1:25 pm Comments

Linqto and Uphold have done it again!

It’s brought to you by my friends over at Linqto and it’s good for 24 hours only.

Here was the announcement from this morning:

24 Hours of XRP offer is available from 12:00 AM PDT until 11:59PM PDT on Tuesday, April 26th, 2022. Applies to each Ripple order via Wallet, Wire, or IRA on Linqto. Amount of XRP based on $1,000 market value at the time Linqto makes the transfer. Must have an Uphold Wallet to receive the XRP drop. XRP transfer will be made within one week of order completion into your Uphold wallet.

The Linqto team also caught up with attorney John Deaton to discuss Ripple, XRP, private equity and more.

Please enjoy this short clip:

Here are more details on the $1,000 XRP drop…

For the first time ever in history (I do believe), Linqto has democratized private equity investing.

It used to be you couldn’t invest in early-stage companies before they went public unless you had a college buddy who worked on Wall St. and “got you in” with special access.

Investing in Google pre-IPO, or Facebook pre-IPO, or any other company before it went public was just not an option unless you were in the club.

Linqto thought that was wrong and they’ve swung the doors of the club wide open…

There’s still one catch though: they don’t always have a lot of shares to go around and when they get them they tend to get sold very quick.

So when we give you an alert that new Ripple private equity shares have been listed on the platform, we’re not exaggerating when we say you might want to act quick.

Here was their announcement from early this morning:

Here’s the other excited bonus from this morning…

Linqto announced that not only is there new Ripple equity available on the platform for a limited time, but if you take action and grab some they are going to send you a bonus of $1,000 in XRP!

Yes, for real.

Airdropped right into your Uphold wallet.

Here was their announcement:

Our originations team found a limited number of Ripple shares. Before a pending price increase happens, today’s minimum is $10,000 and maximum Ripple Labs investment is $100,000.

$1,000 XRP Drop ‘Til Midnight!

Invest in Ripple Labs today and receive $1,000 XRP drop. Ripple investments may be made via wire transfer, IRA, or with your Uphold wallet. Members must have Uphold wallet to receive XRP airdrop. Applies to each Ripple Labs order on Linqto between 12:00AM PDT Wednesday, April 20th through midnight tonight, 12:00AM PDT Thursday, April 21st. Amount of XRP based on $1,000 market value at the time Linqto makes the transfer. XRP transfer will be made within one week of order completion into an Uphold wallet.

You can see the price here:

The minimum investment is $10,000 and maximum for any one person (even for disguised whale $ETH purchasers, I’m looking at you Joe L…) is $100,000.

You might be surprised to learn you already qualify as “accredited”.

I encourage everyone to create a free account with Linqto and find out if you’re accredited.

Here’s how:

Ripple Private Equity: You Might Be Surprised To Learn You’re Already Accredited!

A free account also grants you access to Linqto’s research and exclusive market alerts.

Here is a snippet of Linqto’s summary of Ripple Labs and the equity investment currently available:

Get started here.

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