2021 Second Quarter Going To Be “Historic” For Bitcoin!

April 1, 2021 10:14 pm Comments

Are you ready to see some magic?

Your favorite EX-truck driver crypto YouTuber BitcoinBen says get ready for 2Q of 2021 to be one for the history books.

With the total crypto market cap currently under $2 trillion (for ALL coins), BitcoinBen says his sources have told him large companies are set to purchase over $3 trillion in Bitcoin in Q2 alone.

If that proves to be accurate, the price of Bitcoin could easily hit a $200-300,000 target in 2021….if not more.

As Ben says, “it’s gonna blow through $100,000 like it’s standing still.”

He says people will be expecting serious resistance at $100,000, and Bitcoin will blow through and not look back.

You’ve heard of “flash crashes” but Ben says to get ready for “Flash Rises”.

I like the sound of that!

Please enjoy this one:



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