Aave Deploys Protocol On Binance’s BNB Chain

February 22, 2024 2:32 pm Comments

Aave has finally deployed its popular lending protocol on the Binance smart chain (BNB).

BNB users can now interact with the Aave lending protocol directly on the BNB chain—further boosting the blockchain network’s already robust ecosystem.

Aave is, perhaps, the leading Web 3.0 lending platform.

BNB Chain highlighted the other offerings on the BNB network: “Aave joins a league of top projects like Uniswap, Ambit Finance, PancakeSwap, and Lista DAO, underlining the diversity and collaborative spirit driving BNB Chain’s growth.”

According to Coin Telegraph:

Apart from these, the BNB Chain Core Development Team told Cointelegraph in a statement that BNB Chain developers can also benefit from the new integration.

“BNB Chain developers will now be able to launch applications that build on Aave liquidity, further expanding BNB Chain’s DeFi capabilities.”

BNB Chain explained: “With Aave on board, BNB Chain users gain access to a leading lending platform and enhanced liquidity. FDUSD ensures robust liquidity from day one, enabling users to dive into a world of DeFi possibilities.”

Previously, Blockworks reported:

The blockchain infrastructure company behind open-sourced liquidity protocol Aave has rebranded from Aave Companies to Avara.

Inspired by a Finnish word that translates to ‘spacious,’ Avara will oversee existing portfolio brands, including liquidity protocol Aave, decentralized social media protocol Lens, and stablecoin GHO, among others.

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