American Banking Giant Comes Under Fire From State Officials, Calls To Boycott Grow

April 21, 2024 9:57 pm Comments

American banking giant Bank of America has come under fire from state officials and consumers alike.

Following the alleged closures of bank accounts belonging to conservative individuals and Christian groups, seemingly for no apparent reason, 15 state officials penned a letter to Bank of America expressing their concerns:

The Epoch Times had more background information on the story:

In April 2023, Bank of America shut down the account of Indigenous Advance Ministries, which partners with groups in the African nation of Uganda to provide care and education for orphaned and at-risk children.

The bank closed accounts of a Memphis church which donated to the organization.

Bank of America provided “vague reasons” for the closure of these accounts, claiming the organization’s activities exceeded the institution’s “risk tolerance” and that it no longer wanted to serve its “business type.”

Conservative Americans issued calls to boycott Bank of America following initial reports that they de-banked attorney John Eastman.

Daily Hodl provided this statement from Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares:

“Bank of America’s blatant discrimination against account holders whose political and religious ideologies don’t align with its own is appalling and un-American. As Attorney General, I will protect the constitutional liberties of all Virginians… Bank of America should clean up its act or prepare to reckon with potential litigation.”

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