Animoca Brands Becomes Largest TON Validator

November 28, 2023 10:20 am Comments

Animoca Brands has become the largest validator in the TON blockchain network.

Following a sizable investment in the network, the venture capital firm has emerged as the top player in the network and hopes to use it to expand its gaming presence on the TON blockchain.

Currently, the blockchain gaming industry is in its infancy and is facing an uphill battle to become mainstream.

Many in the traditional gaming community are openly hostile to blockchain gaming, and it isn’t very hard to see why. Traditional gaming has been plagued by microtransactions, unfinished AAA titles launching at $70 or more, and ridiculous DLC schemes in recent years.

The great fear of the traditional gaming community is that the introduction of blockchain gaming will simply exacerbate this trend.

Animoca Brands announced on Tuesday: “We’re pleased to announce that we have officially become the largest validator of TON blockchain. As projects look to scale, we will assist with the growth of various gaming and GameFi projects on TON.”

According to CoinDesk:

TON received the endorsement of Telegram as its blockchain of choice for Web3-related developments in September, giving potential TON-based projects a prospective target audience of the messaging app’s 800 million users.

Colin Wu had the scoop: “Animoca Brands announced that it has made a strategic investment in the TON ecosystem and become the largest validator of the TON blockchain. Animoca is assisting third-party gaming projects in building their ecosystem through TON Play, a gaming infrastructure project that supports the network.”

Animoca Brands had this to say in their recent press release:

TON Play is one TON-based gaming infrastructure project earmarked for Animoca Brands’ support.

TON Play provides the necessary infrastructure and solutions for gaming projects built on TON to launch directly onto Telegram and for developers to port any existing web game directly inside Telegram via a web app.

This process occurs as simply as possible, with the TON Play Toolkit ensuring that the development of blockchain-based games is intuitive for developers of all skill levels. By delivering new and exciting projects directly to Telegram’s users via their Telegram Web App and playdeckbot.

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