Announcing The WINNERS Of The First Annual ProCoinNews Awards!

August 6, 2022 6:42 pm Comments

It’s announcement time…who’s excited?!

About two weeks ago, we revealed the launch of the First Annual ProCoinNews Awards and it’s been a total blast watching the votes roll in ever since!

Each day, I’ve checked the stats and seen the numbers go up and down as people voted for their favorites in each of the six categories.

Six categories, six winners, all determined by YOUR votes, and each winner gets one of these bad boys:

Those are the real deal, liquid silver finish, they weigh 10 lbs. each, and each winner will receive their physical award in the mail.

I think that will look VERY nice sitting up on a shelf or perhaps in a YouTube video?

Oh and yes it DOES look just like an “X” doesn’t it?

I thought so too.  Just a coincidence! 😂

And now without any further delay, I give you the winners of the First Annual #ProCoinNewsAwards…

1: The True Leader of the XRP Army 

The grand-daddy award…who is the TRUE Leader of the XRP Army?

Bitboy self-glossed himself the Leader about a year ago, which is one of the main reasons we created this category.

We wanted to see what YOU thought.

Is he the real Leader?

We were curious to see how this would go because Bitboy has the largest audience of any candidate in any of the categories.  So we were interested to see if he could influence his followers to hand him the win.  Seemed like it could have been a landslide if the Leader sent out the edict to his followers….

We know he was award of the award because he replied to us a few days ago when we posted this:

Bitboy defends his self-gloss:

But alas, Bitboy did NOT claim the win.

That’s right folks, the self-glossed Leader has been dethroned and a new one has been appointed by popular community vote!

I do want to say this…

No Bitboy hate here.  I think he’s a good guy and I like his show.  I like what he’s done for crypto and for XRP.

So Bitboy, you’re all good in my book and nothing but respect from #ProCoinNews!  But you’re not the winner.

The winner…coming in with a DECISIVE 57.1% of the vote is the man, the lawyer, the legend…Mr. John E. Deaton!

Congrats John!

Big win and so very well deserved!

I think 70,000 XRP holders are happy with this win and you earned it.

Keep up the good work.

Please DM us with your best mailing address and we will ship you your award.

2: Top Twitter Sleuth

Next up is the award for Top Twitter Sleuth…

I love this one and I was really interested to see how this would turn out.

The XRP community has broken #ETHGate, we’ve exposed SEC corruption and so much more…

Simply put, they never thought we’d piece it all together!

And a huge part of that credit goes to our Twitter Sleuths.

It is now my pleasure to announce that TAIG wins this one with 42.6% of the vote!

Any of the candidates would have been well deserving, but I love seeing TAIG win this.  He’s certainly earned it over the years.

I believe he’s currently on a Twitter break so I need to enlist all of you to help us get this message out to him that’s he’s won!

TAIG, DM us on Twitter and we’ll get your award shipped out.


3: Best Memes/Satire/Comedy

Next up, it can’t be serious all of the time.

We all need some breaks, some diversions, and some time to laugh!

Especially when #XRP currently sits under $.40.

So who kept us the most entertained?

This is another category where any of the candidates could have earned the win…

In fact, I really had to laugh at this reply the other day from the XRP Meme Guy who sent this submission for a category for next year:

LOL…we’ll consider it for next year’s awards!

But despite some great content, the Meme Guy did not pull out the win this year.

We are proud to announce none other than XRPP pulled out the third win of the year with 54.7% of the votes!  Well done, you’ve earned it!

Message us with your address and we’ll get the award shipped out.

We’ll also be watching closely to see if the award ends up being covered in the CryptoTownCrier in the future…😂

4: Top XRP Lawyer

Next up, we have the Top XRP Lawyer.

Given the winner of #1 above, you will probably not be surprised to learn we actually have a DOUBLE winner this year!

Congrats to John Deaton for claiming a second #ProCoinNewsAward.

John, at this point can you comment on which is a bigger lifetime achievement, representing 70,000 XRP Holders in a historic class action lawsuit against the SEC or winning two #ProCoinNewsAwards?  😂

Keep up the good work my friend…

And a quick comment to the other wonderful lawyers in the XRP community, we appreciate everything you all do!

5: Favorite XRP YouTuber

And now for the one that probably got the most chatter over the last two weeks, your favorite XRP YouTuber.

This is another category where ANYONE could have won and there wouldn’t be much controversy.

All great contenders.

In fact, this was the most closely contested category and tightest margin of victory, but pulling out the win is none other than the Digital Asset Investor himself!

Congrats DAI, you’re a true OG and thousands of people enjoy your videos every day.

Your work ethic, consistency (anyone remember back when he used to do THREE videos a day?), and ability to break a story like #ETHGate wide open is a true asset to the XRP community.

A quick note before I get a million comments on this one: the awards were entirely driven by community vote, and although we are the “official sponsor of the Digital Asset Investor Hunting and Fishing Club” we had no influence in the outcome of this category.

The man won it fair and square, congrats DAI!

6: Biggest Crypto Villain

We end with the dark side…

Who is the biggest crypto villain?

You might think there aren’t too many to go around, until you start mapping it out.

Of course you have the infamous Gary Gensler but any one of the other candidates have played huge roles as well like Jay Clayton (he filed the XRP lawsuit, tanking your portfolios overnight in one fell swoop!) or Bill Hinman and his ETH Free Pass speech?  Or how about Joe Lubin and his elbow?  Or Jed McCaleb and his programatic XRP sales which many believe have suppressed the price for the last 5 years?  Or how about Alex Mashinsky who literally caused many people to lose tens of thousands of dollars in crypto due to what some allege was nothing more than an elaborate ponzi scheme with good marketing?

How do you pick?

Well, in the end the biggest villain was who I thought it might be: Gary Gensler claims the win with 53.9% of the vote.

Gary, let me be the first to personally congratulate you on winning a #ProCoinNewsAward.

I do have one request: given that you never leave the house and you love broadcasting out of your living room, can you please display the award prominently on your fireplace mantle so we can see it in all your future Zoom calls?  Sound good?

And don’t worry about the address, we know where to find you.

Your number still 911?  Allllllrighty then!

Big win though, congrats!

Watch your mail for the award to arrive.

A big congratulations to all the winners this year!

This was a ton of fun and we’ll do it again next year, probably with a few new categories as well.

All results are final.

Send us some pictures of your award after you receive it if you’re a winner, we’d love to see where they end up on display.

And although the voting is closed, if you want to see the candidates in each category, you can still see it here:

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