Attorney John Deaton Weighs In On Joe Rogan Offering Vaccine Scientist $100,000 To Debate RFK Jr.

June 19, 2023 1:05 pm Comments

Recently Joe Rogan made massive headlines after he challenged vaccine scientist Peter Hotez to debate RFK Jr. for $100,000.

Hotez immediately denied Rogan’s request and instead ran to MSNBC to throw jabs at RFK Jr.

The offer from Rogan caught the eyes of several big names in the XRP space including pro XRP lawyer John Deaton.

Deaton stated “If you don’t accept this offer you should stop criticizing Spotify or Rogan. You say its nonsense and misinformation and that Spotify should censor it. Here’s your chance to prove to Spotify why.”

The pro-XRP lawyer continued “Debate and provide objective/scientific data to force their hand.”

Take a look:

Deaton later stated he regretted his tweet towards Hotez due to the massive amount of “attacks” Cotez has received.

Deaton has had a busy week on Twitter.

Earlier in the week he took to twitter to confront Marc Fagel a former SEC director for saying it was unlikely

Pro XRP Lawyer John Deaton explained three reasons why Judge Torres will address XRP secondary market trading.

Check out what Crypto Basic reported:

To back his stance, the pro-XRP lawyer highlighted three major reasons why he believes the judge will address XRP’s secondary market trading.

Firstly, he noted that the SEC’s summary judgment motion requires the judge to address the secondary market trading of XRP. Per Deaton, the SEC argued in its brief for summary judgment that purchasing XRP was/is an investment in a common enterprise with other investors and Ripple.

The commission further argues that if any country accepts XRP as a legal tender, such a transaction will still be an investment contract. For the SEC, XRP is the common enterprise that links all XRP investors to Ripple.

Furthermore, Deaton highlighted that the SEC’s argument about XRP is not limited to Ripple’s sales; it also includes secondary market sales of the crypto asset. According to Deaton, Judge Torres will go out of her way by not discussing XRP secondary sales and the token itself.

Secondly, Deaton believes the numerous amicus briefs filed in the lawsuit by him on behalf of XRP holders, Coinbase, SpendTheBits, TapJets, Blockchain Association, and Chamber of Digital Commerce will prompt the judge to address the coin’s secondary market sales.

Notably, Judge Torres not addressing XRP secondary market trading will imply that she would remain silent on the issue despite the numerous amicus curiae briefs.

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