Barbie and The Shib Community Collide

August 13, 2023 4:32 am Comments

A new memecoin that is inspired by Barbie and Shiba Inu has officially launched.

The new memecoin Shibie has a target to sell $500,000 worth of Shibie in its initial presale period and has already reached more than half of its goal.

Currently, the memecoin is priced at $0.000167 which makes it easy for the coin to pump up fast but at the same time, the new coin could be pulled just as fast.

Crypto Gains on YouTube is expecting the memecoin to skyrocket to 100x whereas others are more skeptical about the coin and are calling it a rug pull.

Crypto News had these details to report:

Shiba Inu and Barbie fusion meme coin Shibie is set to sell out in hours, with only $200k left to raise before it hits its new $500,000 target.

The Shibie Coin team is rushing the coin to market to cash in on the Barbie film’s success after the Hollywood blockbuster made $1 billion at the box office.

Shibie’s revised fundraising goal is $500,000, a 50% reduction from $999,999. Only 38% of tokens are left to buy before the presale sells out.

This means Shibie Coin’s market cap at launch will only be $833,000, making it an even more attractive price pump proposition; it is a minimal raise total compared to most other Web3 presales and could sell out quickly.

Priced at $0.000167, the chances of the new cryptocurrency killing a zero with a 10x pump are high.

YouTube crypto analysis channel Crypto Gains, with 104k subscribers, predicts a 100x price explosion for Shibie.

Per Crypto Potato:

The cryptocurrency world is set to welcome an unconventional new member to its ranks.

Shibie Coin ($SHIBIE) is a dynamic blend of Shiba Inu’s spirit and the iconic allure of Barbie, which has just launched its presale phase.

Boasting a community-centric approach, $SHIBIE seeks to challenge cryptocurrency norms while offering a strategic investment opportunity for those interested in low-cap coins.

In an industry full of serious and complex technologies, Shibie Coin takes a different approach by injecting a playful ethos into the crypto market.

The coin’s persona, Shibie, is a mix of Shiba Inu’s nature and Barbie’s iconic aesthetic, thereby creating a unique design – even in the context of the meme coin space.

However, $SHIBIE aims to be more than just another meme coin; it represents a community movement that challenges the traditional norms of crypto trading.

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