BEWARE Of Attorney John Deaton…

June 4, 2023 1:16 pm Comments

Glad I grabbed your attention!

Pro-Ripple attorney John Deaton’s Twitter account has been HACKED. Beware of any links or postings from the account @JohnEDeaton1 until the issue is resolved. The hackers are attempting to peddle a fake crypto token known as LAW by using Deaton’s profile and posing as the attorney.

Currently, Deaton has been locked out of his account but is working to get his account fully restored, until that time, stay away.

We will provide an update once the situation changes.

Jeremey Hogan and CryptoLaw issued these warnings:

U Today reports:

The fraudulent tweet from Deaton’s account unveiled $LAW as “the official token derived directly from CryptoLaw.”

It further elaborated that the token introduces an innovative approach to decentralized finance (DeFi) and tokenization, focused on cryptocurrency regulation and jurisdiction. As part of the deceit, followers were encouraged to claim LAW via a linked website.

Deaton originally sounded the alarm by logging into his daughter Jordan Deaton’s Twitter profile and warning users:

Coin Telegraph explains:

The dissemination of false information and deceptive financial data within the crypto market poses a significant risk, given that traders often rely on guidance from influential figures in the industry.

Such actions jeopardize the market’s stability and provide regulators with additional grounds to approach the industry with a sense of prudence and caution.

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