BigCommerce Now Allows Crypto Payments For 60,000 Merchants

September 15, 2022 10:58 pm Comments

BigCommerce is known as a leading ecommerce platform and the company has announced that it has partnered with BitPay and Coinpayments.

As a result of this partnership, it will enable merchants to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment.

So far, BigCommerce already supports over 60,000 merchants around the world so this partnership essentially means that over 60,000 merchants now also accept crypto for payment.

This is a significant milestone in terms of gaining mainstream adoption for the crypto industry and investors expect the value of digital assets to increase even more as a new era of consumers that are passionate about crypto takes hold.

BitcoinMagazine reports:

“A new era of consumers are passionate about transacting using crypto, and we’re helping them do it,” said Marc Ostryniec, CSO at BigCommerce.

Merchants of all sizes will be able to leverage the new integrations provided by the two cryptocurrency infrastructure providers. In the release, BigCommerce discusses the benefits that merchants will experience through accepting bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

First, alternative payment methods open up merchants to a broader audience. Additionally, merchants will experience lower fees, thus reducing business operating costs.

Furthermore, through the partners BigCommerce has chosen, the ecommerce platform enables merchants to control their wallets, thereby lessening the likelihood of false-chargebacks.

One of the major blockers to adoption is that many businesses initially were intimidated by accepting crypto as they thought that it would be complex and hard to manage.

However, these partnerships between major commerce platforms and payment processing services like BitPay have been the solution to finally bridge this gap.

As time goes on, speculators believe that it will soon be common practice for almost all major merchants to use such crypto payment processing services.

As a result, the day where all retail and online stores accept crypto may not be too far away and would truly mark the day that crypto is finally widespread.

BitcoinMagazine concludes:

“Accepting cryptocurrency can be intimidating and complex with, at times, a learning curve,” said BitPay CEO Stephen Pair.

“We’ve teamed with BigCommerce to help minimize the lift for merchants to add crypto as a payment option alongside their existing payment methods in just a few clicks.”

In conclusion, BigCommerce noted that its bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem is currently only supported by these two partners. However, the SaaS provider intends to expand integrations in the future

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