Bit Boy Claims To Have Enough Evidence To Put SBF In Jail for Life

November 14, 2022 7:03 pm Comments

Ben Armstrong best known as Bit Boy predicted Sam Bankman-Fried was a “devil” well before FTX’s collapse.

In a new tweet, Armstrong stated FTX/Alameda had a fail-safe in case authorities were ever on to them. The hack last night was an internal system meant to delete data & evidence.

He would continue: “Fortunately, even without specifics I alone have enough to send Caroline, Gary Wang, Dan Friedberg, and SBF to prison for life.”

Take a look:

Armstrong was one of the first people to connect the dots on Dan Friedberg’s involvement with FTX and previous scams regarding Poker.

Here’s a transcript of Ben Armstrong’s recent interview with Yahoo Finance:

BEN ARMSTRONG: Yeah, so it’s just very interesting the way things unfolded. I was just kind of in the right place at the right time is how things shook out. Basically, I have a bill we’re trying to get approved in Congress. We’re still trying to get some funding for it so we can make it public. And we reached out to FTX for funding because we thought maybe their ideals aligned with ours.

And basically, through a long series of events, it went through SBF to Tim Harrison to Wetjen, the former CFTC guy that was their policy head. And they actually tried to steal one of our political backers and actually communicated that they were trying to do a federal bit license. So like, that’s kind of weird. Federal bit license, the worst legislation ever in the history of crypto, totally benefit centralized exchanges, gets rid of decentralization, gets rid of peer-to-peer– you know, peer-to-peer transactions, because you won’t have a license, which a license costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get, of course.

And so I started saying, man, there’s got to be something to this. Well, lo and behold, about four weeks after I came out with what they were doing, suddenly, he comes out with this manifesto, SBF, leading to the idea of licensure. And suddenly, people started listening. Oh my gosh, we think Ben actually knows what he’s talking about. And all of his enemies, all the enemies that SBF has had over the last, you know, two years started sending me messages.

And we just started learning more and more and more that they had been doing on the backside to completely destroy projects like ICP, projects like Refinance, projects like New Genesis, projects like Aptos, projects like Casper. These were all projects that FTX and Alameda specifically set out to destroy by making them promises to list on the exchange and then shorting them to zero by, like Michael Saylor was talking about, counterfeiting coins on the exchange to control the supply.

So once we started digging into this and realizing what was going on in the back end, we tried to warn everybody. Millions of dollars left FTX. Thousands of accounts were closed because of the message we were putting out. And that tweet looks a little callous now, knowing everything that’s happened. And we– certainly, our heart goes out to people who lost money. And certainly, people don’t deserve to lose money. But anybody who heard the message that we were putting out and ignored it, you know, like, unfortunately, I just hate to tell you, I wish you would have listened.

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