LEAKS Sensitive User Data, Are YOU Affected?

January 8, 2024 10:48 am Comments

Iranian exchange has reportedly accidentally leaked the sensitive personal information of 230,000 users.

Sources say the leak occurred due to a vulnerability relating to their high-performance object-storage system—basically a coding vulnerability.

Because conforms to strict KYC policies, users are forced to store incredibly sensitive data such as government-issued ID, birth certificates, passports, and other forms of identification with the exchange.

Spokespeople for the exchange vociferously denied the reports and allegations of any leak from the platform. Daily Coin explained:

Specifically, the exchange labeled the reference to a misconfigured MinIO instance granting access to its cloud storage containers as “wholly untrue,” stating that it didn’t align with its system architecture or security protocols.

However, multiple users and outlets reported the data leak issue and the news has become widespread:

Crypto News added:

As earlier reported,, along with other Iranian crypto exchanges like, Excoino, and Aban Tether, accounted for 12% of all funds, both domestic and international, that flowed to Iranian exchanges in 2022.

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