BitBoy Calls Coinbase and FTX CEOs Devils

October 25, 2022 4:22 pm Comments

Cryptocurrency commentator Ben Armstrong better known as BitBoy didn’t hold his tongue ina video in a recent streaming video.

BitBoy charismatically started to call out FTX CEO Sam Bank-man Fried and Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong fro ruining crypto.

At one point BitBoy even called them devils!

Watch BitBoy go Hulk here:

BitBoy isn’t just raging for no reason either.

Ben Armstrong is furious that FTX CEOBank-man Fried is pushing for crypto regulation and even calling for some cryptocurrencies that don’t abide by these regulations to be delisted from FTX and other exchanges.

Ethereum World News had these details to report:

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, better known as BitBoy on social media, has accused Sam Bankman-Fried and Brian Armstrong, CEOs of FTX and Coinbase respectively, of trying to “permanently ruin” crypto.

The source of these controversial statements can be traced back to the comments section of Sam Bankman-Fried’s proposal for crypto regulation. On 20 October, the FTX chief tweeted his thoughts on crypto regulation and attached possible policy standard for the industry. This regulatory policy had language which suggested that crypto assets deemed as securities would face delisting from FTX. The policy recommended that OFAC sanctions be respected. This likely didn’t sit well with the community, which is already upset over the Tornado Cash sanction by OFAC. Bankman-Fried also suggested that bug bounties be capped at 5%.

BitBoy responded to this proposal by calling the FTX CEO a liar and accusing him of pumping Solana. This prompted the response of Ryan Adam, the man behind the blockchain newsletter Bankless, who called out BitBoy for not being a representative of the crypto community.

BitBoy did channel his inner Alex Jones and is calling out the guys in the suits.

It doesn’t;t end there though.

BitBoy would then call out Venture Capitalist  for pumping Solana:

BitBoy wants to drain the swamp of crypto but will his rants turn into action by the crypto community?

That’s still to be seen.

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