BitBoy: How I Know The SEC/Ripple Lawsuit Is a SHAM!

November 27, 2021 8:52 pm Comments

BitBoy may be the largest YouTuber in crypto with over 1.4M followers.

For a long time, he was not an XRP supporter.

Then this year something flipped as he claims he was given information about XRP and its bright future.

Now he (jokingly) proclaims to be “Head of the XRP Army” and claims XRP is going to explode post-lawsuit.

He also recently announced he (and his team?) had acquired over one million XRP coins.

He initially announced the SEC/Ripple case would be settled in September/October and since that obviously did not happen he claims in the video below that the settlement was derailed, mostly, by Gary Gensler himself.

In addition to that, he reveals two things that he has learned that confirm to him that the SEC/Ripple lawsuit is a complete SHAM.

Does he have inside information?

Secret sources?

Time will tell, but for now this is certainly interesting:

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