Bitcoin ETF’s To Be Approved TODAY?

January 10, 2024 11:27 am Comments

Has the long-awaited day finally arrived?

Investors and traders have patiently waited for months to see the highly-anticipated Bitcoin ETFs approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Reports that the Bitcoin ETF applications should be approved today are widespread, and we are currently seeing firms receive approvals from exchanges to list their ETFs. According to Bitcoinist:

Renowned Bloomberg ETF expert Eric Balchunas, this day can be celebrated as “ETF Approval Day” with confidence, as it appears that all systems are ready for the green light.

Balchunas anticipates that formal approvals will likely be announced around 4-6 pm today.

At least one firm, VanEck, claimed that their ETF should be trading on exchanges as early as Thursday. At the time of this writing, no Bitcoin ETFs have yet to be approved, but expect the approvals later this evening.

Here are the latest developments in the status of the Bitcoin ETF applications:

Watcher Guru featured this related development regarding the BlackRock ETF:

According to a recent filing, BlackRock has trimmed the fees for its Bitcoin ETF application to 0.25%. This matches fee proposals from competitors like ARK Invest and VanEck.

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