Blockchain Association & Digital Chamber: Something Funny Going On?

February 14, 2022 9:50 pm Comments

Excuse me if this article seems overly pessimistic or conspiratorial…but after a while you have to start questioning things.

When things don’t add up, you have to start asking why?

Is there something else going on behind the scenes?

Are we just watching a movie and “all the world’s a stage”?

Today we ask those questions about the Blockchain Association and the Digital Chamber of Commerce, because while they claim to be “industry” associations, they seem to be unable to advocate for anyone other than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Which eventually makes you wonder if they are really just fronts for pushing BTC and ETH?

Or worse…were they in on the ETH ICO?

We’re not making any allegations, just asking questions.

Good questions, though.

Questions that it’s about time someone asks.

Because it’s unclear how you can be an industry association and never once do anything to support XRP while it is being sued by the SEC.

Even if you don’t like XRP, it doesn’t take too much to realize if XRP loses the case, dozens or hundreds of other cryptos fall next.

That would be something you might want to fight against if you’re an industry association, wouldn’t you think?

But all we get is silence.

So we’re speaking up, and we noticed today so it Digital Perspectives @BakkupBradley on Twitter:

More great questions, and I like how he took it one step further.

Will either of these industry associations ever question the ETH ICO?

In my estimation, John Deaton has done more for the entire industry than both of these groups combined.

Here’s what they Blockchain Association says on their website:

Improving the public policy environment?

You mean like fighting against the SEC and it’s complete lack of regulatory clarity?

You mean like standing up for Ripple after it did the right thing and sought the SEC’s guidance?

Wouldn’t those be the first two things you’d do if that was your mission?

And now for the Digital Chamber and their mission:

Representing who?

Oh hang on, I fixed it:

Listen, I get it…

Life gets busy, things get overlooked.

So here at ProCoinNews we want to give you each one more chance.

We’ll even make it really easy for you.

Here is Joseph Lubin explaining how to evade securities laws and conduct an unregulated ICO (allegedly!).

If you want to start representing the industry, start by investigating this:

And when you’re done with that, consider giving Ripple some support against the SEC, you know, to defend the industry!


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