Bob Way Says Escrowed XRP Being PreAllocated To Banks Is “Fair To Say”

August 17, 2022 7:05 pm Comments

For quite some time, there has been a conspiracy that all of the XRP that Ripple had in a time-locked escrow was pre-allocated to banks and governments.

Ripple had never really made any public statements about these time-locked escrows, but it seems that we are now getting some new information that may expose what they are truly for.

Bob Way has commented on this supposed conspiracy and has acknowledged that it may actually not be a conspiracy at all.

In fact, he specifically states in a video that the XRP being pre-allocated to banks is actually “fair to say” which may reveal how XRP can truly be used by major financial institutions and governments.

If Bob Way says that this is “fair to say”, than many could also speculate what else is also possible and how exactly the XRP are getting allocated.

Of course, institutions and even Ripple itself may never actually admit to such a conspiracy given that the company is still private and has no reason to share this information.

But if Ripple decides one day to become a public company and have an initial public offering (IPO), this information may finally become public and surprise many investors and the crypto community.

There are also speculations that XRP was pre-allocated using “options contracts” and that may be one of the potential reasons why Gensler has been so focused on classifying XRP as a security because of those contracts.

However, such logic would be inconsistent as many other commodities are also offered through contracts.

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