Bodega Bro Gets Fired From Outreach

July 1, 2022 10:06 pm Comments

A college graduate from the Midwest who worked at the ai technology sales company Outreach in New York City was fired from his job after making TikTok videos in which he complained about bodegas in the Bronx. These videos triggered allegations of racism.

Griffin Green, who is 24 years old and formerly resided in Michigan, moved to the Big Apple last week in order to begin a new position as a sales development rep with the software business Outreach. However, he was fired from the company after a Twitter mob called for his termination.

After moving to New York, the young man found an apartment in the South Bronx to sublease and then uploaded a series of videos to TikTok.

One of the videos that went viral showed Green trying to find a grocery store on Google maps only to be directed to a bunch of bodegas.

Take a look:

Newsweek had more on the story:

The internet has a new main character this week, Griffin Green, a New York transplant fresh from the Midwest, who managed to tick off city natives when he shared his disdain for bodega culture in a TikTok that went viral and ultimately led to him being fired from his new job.

New York City is known for its bodegas—convenience stores on pretty much every street corner that sell staples and necessities, but newcomer Green was confused to find a lack of larger grocery stores and supermarkets in the Bronx where he was staying.

“OK, so I just moved to New York and I’m going to go grocery shopping, and so I type in like, ‘grocery stores’, on my Apple Maps, and like, every f***ing one I go to—like, I’m walking to—they’re like this s***,” he said in the TikTok, pointing to a bodega.

The original TikTok and Green’s account is on private but clips of the original video are circulating on Twitter.

A Twitter user tagged the company in Green’s bodega video and wrote: “I don’t think it’s very flattering to have this type of person representing your company. I would revalue [sic] his employment if I were you.”

This prompted the company to later respond and confirm that Green was no longer employed at Outreach.

The response read: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Upon investigation, we took swift internal action in accordance with our company policies and in alignment with our core values. He is no longer an employee of Outreach.”

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