Brad Garlinghouse Becomes Latest Victim Of Online Scamming

October 4, 2022 10:53 am Comments

Brad Garlinghouse has become the latest high-profile persona to become the victim of online scam accounts…

A plethora of accounts impersonating Garlinghouse will show up in any Twitter search for his name and this isn’t a new issue either.

According to Garlinghouse, he has been dealing with this problem for a while—contacting Twitter support, in an effort to solve the problem, to no avail.

Twitter has long been plagued by scam and automated bot accounts—particularly in the crypto space and is the central reason cited by Elon Musk for his hesitancy to buy the social media platform.

Musk has speculated that the number of automated bots on the platform is likely in the 20% range, but has also speculated that the number may be as high as 90%…

Here are the claims Garlinghouse is making:

According to Crypto News:

At the time of writing, there seems to have been only one verified Twitter account, belonging to the real CEO, followed by a number of accounts with variations on the same name.

Other users, however, claimed to have taken screenshots of certain accounts that do indeed have the check mark, along with the CEO’s name and picture – though the handles are noticeably different.



The problem isn’t new or limited only to Twitter…

Ripple sued YouTube earlier last year for its failure to disable scam accounts that peddled XRP giveaways and airdrops to unwitting users.

The lawsuit was privately settled between the two companies.

Coin Telegraph previously reported on a similar affecting YouTube:

Ripple and Garlinghouse alleged that YouTube knowingly profited from such scams due to its tendency to continue to run advertisements on the fraudulent videos in question.

Details regarding the nature of the settlement between Ripple and YouTube remain confidential, said Garlinghouse.

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