Cardano Founder Gets TRIGGERED Big Time By XRP Holders

October 12, 2022 11:18 am Comments

It appears the XRP community has triggered Cardano founder Charkes Hockinson.

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson received thousands of messages and replies from XRP holders after Hockinson took sides with the SEC over XRP.

As a result of the thousands of replies, Hockinson started to go on a blocking spree and blocked dozens of XRP supporters.

Hockinson would then go on to tweet: “I want nothing more to do with XRP. The community has accomplished nothing but harming itself. Congratulations.”

U.Today had more to report:

The XRP community’s dispute with Charles Hoskinson might finally be over as the co-founder of the Cardano Network does not want to discuss this matter further and says that it is pointless. The dispute between the community and Charles Hoskinson started with the developer’s comment in an interview regarding the situation with the SEC.

He stated that the main reason behind the whole SEC v. Ripple trial is the lack of regulatory clarity and the commission’s willingness to put every crypto project in the same regulatory framework they use for stocks. After the interview was released, hundreds of users turned against Hoskinson, stating that he is in league with the SEC, and Cardano might even be part of a corrupt scheme in which they work against projects like Ripple.

Despite all the allegations made by members of the XRP community, Ripple co-founders supported Hoskinson and said that the SEC indeed lacks any specific regulatory framework for cryptocurrency or blockchain projects. The support of the co-founders was not enough for some representatives of the XRP community, and they kept on attacking Hoskinson until he decided to limit users who expressed their opinions in the comments sections under his tweets. Thankfully, the drama between the developer and the community is finally over as he does not want to provide any further comments regarding this issue.


Hockinson was so triggered he even blocked one of the biggest voices in the XRP community and that’s the Digital Asset Investor:

Cointelegraph had more details to share:

Meanwhile, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has hit back over a barrage of abuse he received from Ripple fans, better known online as the XRP Army. In a video on Oct. 11, he said:

“It came as a tremendous surprise the incredible wave of criticism I received for a single comment which was taken out of context.”
The comment was regarding rumors of a “financial conspiracy” involving the SEC and Ethereum co-founders that have been swirling in the XRP camp. Many Ripple supporters, including Brad Garlinghouse, believe the regulator gave ETH an unfair advantage over XRP at the time due it not being perceived as a security, with the regulator solely targeting Ripple.

Hoskinson claimed that the SEC is after Ripple, not because of corruption or any conspiracies invented by the XRP community but due to a lack of clarity. This irked the XRP Army, which began trolling Hoskinson on Twitter until he decided to block many of them.

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