CEO Of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse Makes First Comments Since Hinman Docs Released

June 13, 2023 5:28 pm Comments

CEO of Ripple Brad Garlinghouse has commented for the first time since the Hinman documents.

Garlinghouse stated “It’s absolutely unconscionable that a regulator – when presented with so much pushback on what he was about to say / how he compiled this fake “test” in the first place – decided to move forward anyway, and throw an entire industry into chaos.”

He continued “For the SEC to sue me personally for allegedly selling unregistered securities when their own Division Head deliberately created confusion about this…well, I don’t have a single polite word to describe this deplorable, politically-motivated overreach.”

The CEO of Ripple concluded “Seeing the depth to which the SEC has essentially weaponized the lack of regulatory clarity through enforcement actions since this speech was given – it’s no surprise that we can call bluff on their claims to “just come in and register” as nothing but in bad faith.”

In a separate unconnected tweet in response to Charles Gasparino, Garlinghouse stated he believes the SEC acted in “bad faith.”

Here are his tweets:

Per Coingape:

The long awaited Hinman Emails were published today in what has generated a lot of reactions from experts and observers in the crypto ecosystem. Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse is one of those that have shared his thoughts on the released documents noting that he will not necessarily tag them as ‘fraud’ as many in the industry might be pushed to.

Garlinghouse’s comment was in response to a tweet shared by media personality Charles Gasparino who noted that the knee jerk reaction from members of the XRP community is to tag the document and the basis for their design as fraud within the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Garlinghouse said he will not tag it as a fraud because he is not a lawyer and as such do not know the precise legal threshold surrounding the documents. He however, said that everyone can agree that the government is required to act with integrity.

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