Chaincade’s Play To Win Set To Launch Mid December

November 26, 2021 9:14 am Comments

In the month of November gaming and metaverse cryptocurrencies went absolutely ballistic; many gaming/metaverse tokens such as GALA, MANA, SAND, DeRace and many more saw major gains.

Well, way before this gaming crypto bull run came to be, Chaincade devs already laid out a road map that implements both the metaverse and gaming.

Chaincade is in the process of creating a blockchain arcade ecosystem and in the near future you’ll be able to earn crypto while playing classic arcade games in the metaverse.

In a recent announcement on Discord, the devs behind Chaincade announced that their Play to Win feature will be launching mid December.

In Chaincade’s play to win users can play retro arcade games and in return players will receive tickets which then can be exchanged for prizes such as Chaincade tokens, NFTs, and more.

As of right now you can go to and play Moon War, Chain Man, and a third game is on its way.

Devs for Chaincade are also working on a “retroverse” which will be a Metaverse that users can play classic arcade games in and also create their own arcades.

Chaincade’s Medium had more details to add about their upcoming retroverse:

Phase 2/Play to Win will introduce Prize Boxes and “Arcade Edition” NFTs into the ecosystem. Prize boxes will have a random chance to drop any one of a number of rewards. These Prize Boxes take the place of version one’s end of season rewards. Now, players can get their prizes as soon as they’ve earned it.

All players will be able to create and customize their own part of the Retroverse. Having and customizing a Hangout will be open to everyone. Only players with either a Founders Edition NFT, ChainCader NFT, or 1T Chaincade holdings will be able to open an Arcade. Hangouts can do just about anything an Arcade can do, except the games won’t earn players tickets.

Playing in an Arcade will earn both the player and owner tickets, incentivizing Arcade Owners to create unique and rewarding arcades. Having certain NFTs active in your arcade can result in different effects, besides cosmetic. Some may allow players to get an extra life in a certain game, or unlock a new game entirely. Others may be a ‘Season Pass’ an owner can give away for a bonus to play in their arcade.

All of these hangouts and arcades have to exist somewhere right? Well, let’s finally talk about the Future-Retro paradise called
Facebook’s “Meta” announcement has brought the idea of a “metaverse” to the public consciousness. We’ve had plans for a spin on our own metaverse for a while now, we’ve dubbed the “Retroverse”, a virtual world of the future, glowing with familiar scenes and dripping with nostalgic vibes. If you’ve kept up with our “Virtual Hangout” previews, you’ll have a small idea of a tiny part of the Retroverse.

Chaincade is listed on both Coingecko and CoinMarketCap and its price is $0.000000008454.

So you can buy over billions of tokens for less than $40 dollars due to the fact it has a token supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000.

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