Clif High: Central Bank CBDCs Will Fail

January 24, 2022 1:26 pm Comments

Clif High is well known in the crypto community, but if you have never heard of him before an introduction is in order.

Years ago, Clif created software that mined the internet for large swaths of data and then he crunched all of the linguistics looking for patters and clues, which then spit out some results that oddly-enough started to become very prescient about future events.

Here is just give you one example from his old reports…

Back when Bitcoin and Ethereum were not even household names yet, probably 2016 or definitely no later than 2017, Clif published a report about the Soaring 20’s, giving his data’s predictions for a crpyto boom that would come in the 2020’s decade and saying that Bitcoin would suddenly rise dramatically to $64,000 where it would abruptly pause in a “$64,000 question”.

Crazy right?

Of course anyone who has been paying attention knows it did exactly that in 2021.

But that’s not all…

Clif then said soon afterwards it would lose about half its value.

And we all know that happened too!

So when Clif speaks, many tend to listen.

And he was back this weekend with a powerful new interview where he covers everything from the “financial reset” to China, Bitcoin, gold, silver, gold, the 2022 Election and why 28 Democrat Congressmen are not running for re-election, the crash of the financial system as we know it in 2022, the Petro dollar, inflation, why you need cash, and the Federal Reserve which High says is dying and the Fed knows it.

Here is a longer summary from USA Watchdog:

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events. Some of his most disturbing trends he has spotted in his data analysis surround the CV19 vax. High is seeing the vax narrative breaking down. It may only be a matter of weeks before the restrictions and coerced injections are over, but that does not mean it’s clear sailing. According to High, the worst by far is yet to come. High explains, “So, it’s breaking down. The real horror is yet awaiting us, and that’s when all of the people who have been harmed by these injections wake up and realize they have been harmed and will have the natural emotions that accompany that.”

The CDC is now reporting a 40% increase in death totals for 2021. The reports are saying the huge increase is “unexplained.” High and many others say the CV19 injections explain it all, and it’s only going to get much harder to explain. High’s analysis says, “I think we are looking at three years here before it peaks: 2022, 2023 and 2024. There is a lot of stuff in the data that says 2024 will be the tail-off of it. So, we have a number of very rough years ahead of us. Each year in succession will have more people dying than the year before. There is also going to be more infirmities, more illness and more of a drain on the system. In this three years, we will take the globalists to task and hold them accountable for their crimes. We are going to have a ‘red pill’ moment that’s coming soon. It’s not going to take months. It’s not going to take weeks. It’s going to take a short period of time, and many of them are going to go ballistic. So, I expect frequent, irregular, episodic, periods of chaos. They won’t be lashing out at society at large. They will be lashing out at their abusers. . . . You will need to stand back. People will need to understand that there will be a section of the social order that is going to go crazy in anger, grief and all of this. These will be very violent reactions to having been poisoned, and some of them will be spectacularly so in terms of the violence of it. It’s not going to be wise to hang out around these elite guys.”

High’s analysis now says at least “30 million people will die from the CV19 injections” one way or another in the next few years, and that could be a very low estimate.

Clif High talks about many subjects including the so-called “financial reset,” China, Bitcoin, gold, silver (which High predicts will be more expensive that gold one day), the 2022 Election and why 28 Democrat Congressmen are not running for re-election, the crash of the financial system as we know it in 2022, the Petro dollar, inflation, why you need cash, and the Fed that High says is dying and the Fed knows it. That and a lot more in this one hour and ten-minute in-depth interview.

I’ve got the full interview for you below.

The part of key interest is the part of Central Bank Digital Currencies, which Clif says are doomed to fail and which represent the second of three approaches by the Fed to remake our economic system.

Spoiler alert: Clif says the upcoming 3rd option will fail as well.

It’s a wildly entertaining video.

Please enjoy it only on Rumble:

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