Coinbase Suffers Huge Outage For Customers With US Bank Accounts

October 2, 2022 9:03 pm Comments

It seems that the major crypto exchange Coinbase ran into some issues last week when customers with US bank accounts were unable to complete transactions on Sunday.

The issue prevented the exchange from taking any payments or doing any withdrawals if a US bank account was used by the account.

The company immediately provided a status update on the issue and shared that they were already working on getting it fixed as soon as possible.

With that being said, the incident had caused some concerns for a good amount of customers, especially for the ones that hold a significant amount of crypto on their Coinbase accounts. reports:

The company said it’s readying a fix, and identified the issue as a problem with “ACH withdrawals, deposits, and buys failures.” ACH, or the Automated Clearing House Network, is a system used for transferring funds electronically in the U.S. between bank accounts.

Affected users on the platform are still able to make direct purchases using a debit card or PayPal account, the company clarified.

Coinbase’s support page classified the issue with U.S. bank accounts as a “Major Outage.”

Every coin supported on the platform was still fully tradable except for Solana, which was experiencing “Degraded Performance” due to its own outage Friday night.

The status updates were already shared on Twitter to allow customers to understand what was going on last Sunday.

Essentially, Coinbase assured the customers that their accounts and their assets were still safe as that was the most pressing concern.

Following that statement, the company provided some estimation on when they thought the issue would be resolved.

It seems that the incident has not really affected the exchange trading volume as Coinbase has recorded around $569 million worth of trading volume in the past 24 hours.

Most of the volume comes from major digital assets such as Bitcoin and ETH and the exchange is one of the primary ones for the US.

CoinDesk concludes:

Coinbase released two subsequent updates that the issue was being investigated an hour after the first notice. At 8:23 a.m. ET, the exchange said the issue with transactions “has been identified and a fix is being implemented.”

Customers can still use debit cards or PayPal to buy crypto during the downtime, according to the statement.

Coinbase did not respond to CoinDesk’s request for comment by press time.
The issue was not the only problem in the broader crypto ecosystem this weekend.

Solana suffered what it called a “major outage,” one that lasted more than six hours, according to its website.

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