Congressional Testimony Indicates That Gary Gensler Had A Role In Steele Dossier Payments

September 16, 2022 10:01 pm Comments

The current SEC Chairman, Gary Gensler, may have had final approval authority for Hillary Clinton’s campaign payments for the Steele Dossier according to a new congressional testimony.

Many speculators are analyzing Gensler’s role here in order to potentially find conflicts of interest.

This is especially important as the SEC is also investigating Donald Trump’s social media firm’s merge request which means that potentially conflicts of interest within the SEC must be resolved before investigations proceed.

Gensler was known in the past as being Hilary Clinton’s campaign chief financial officer so it is necessary if Gensler has any role in the recent SEC inquiry.

So far, the SEC has declined to comment when news sources requested for more information about the matter.

JustTheNews reports:

The SEC declined comment when Just the News inquired about Sperry’s report, the role, if any, that Gensler and Hodgman are playing in the Truth Social investigation or whether the two SEC executives offered to recuse themselves from the inquiry.

In addition to the connections to Trump, Truth Social is run by former House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes, who played a key role in exposing Strzok’s conduct during the Russia probe, the Clinton campaign’s connections to the Steele dossier, the inaccuracies of the dossier and the FBI’s reliance on the former British spy Christopher Steele to obtain FISA warrants targeting the Trump campaign and adviser Carter Page.

In the end, Nunes’ probe exposed that the FBI ultimately determined that most of the allegations Steele placed in the dossier and shared with the agents were disproven, uncorroborated or meaningless Internet rumor and that the FBI misled the court about the reliability of the information.

Former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta also made a few comments about Gensler’s past role when it came to the campaign’s financial matters.

Podesta claims that Gensler was the primary person that was responsible for funding the dossier as he was considered the top official who had the authority to approve such payments.

These payments would have gone to the campaign’s law firm and lawmakers inquired if Gensler would have been aware of these payments.

Podesta says that Gensler was at the top and should be aware of everything.

JustTheNews concludes:

“Well, at the top was Gary,” Podesta answered.

The payments for the dossier also resulted in a significant penalty earlier this year. The Federal Elections Commission levied $113,000 in fines against the Democratic National Committee and Clinton campaign for improperly disguising payments to Perkins Coie as legal expenses when in fact they were opposition research costs for the dossier.

The conciliation agreements found “probable cause to believe” that both the campaign and national party “misreport[ed] the purpose of certain disbursements.”

Despite all the controversy and ridicule the Steele dossier received, Podesta testified in 2017 he believed at the time the Clinton’s campaign funding of it was legitimate.

With many claiming that Gensler has a questionable history, his role in the SEC continues to be criticized.

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