Crypto Analyst Claims DIVI To Hit $2 “By End of Winter”

November 14, 2021 2:28 pm Comments

Do we have any DIVI fans in here?

That might be a small group for now, but perhaps quickly growing?

At least, that is, according to one analyst on Twitter who says DIVI will hit $2 by “end of winter”.

That would be quite a move, but not unprecedented in cryptocurrencies.

At the time of press for this article, it is November 14, 2021 and DIVI is currently ranked #367 on CoinMarketCap:

With a price of $0.066:

But one analyst is shouting from the rooftops to load up now.

According to @ButWhenMoon (love the name), the rocket blast is coming to go from $0.066 to $2.00+.

Take a look:

So, why is he expecting such a big move?

The upcoming fiat onramp is a major driver, plus a new $12.5M licensing deal and more:

Each month, DIVI releases a “Live At 5” video giving all the updates from the current month and sneak peaks at what is coming.

Here is the most recent Live At 5 from November which expands on the items covered above:

To paraphrase one person:

Will the price rise by 50x?

We have no idea and we don’t give financial advice here at ProCoinNews.

We simply report the news wherever we find it.

We’re not afraid to cover the stories the Mainstream Financial Media likes to ignore.

We have two guiding principles here: we always keep it FRESH and we always keep it HONEST.

After that?

We report, YOU decide.

And, of course, the future will tell us who was right.

So at the request of @ButWhenMoon, we’re taking a screenshot of this message and we’ll report back later in 2022:

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