Crypto Billionaire Reportedly Wants Woman To Have Synthetic Wombs

February 28, 2022 4:08 am Comments

Vitalik Buterin the cofounder of Ethereum suggested that women should have synthetic wombs in order to relieve a woman from the burden of childbearing.

Buterin in a recent tweet along with other wealthy tech gurus have advocated for constructing artificial wombs to replace human moms in childbearing in an effort to “ease the burden of pregnancy.”

The majority of the public, however, did not appreciate the tech guru’s out-of-touch takes, with some accusing them of bringing “The Matrix” to life.

Buterin was quoted saying: “Disparities in economic success between men and women are far larger once marriage+children enter the picture. Synthetic wombs would remove the high burden of pregnancy, significantly reducing the inequality”.

The Next Web had more details to share:

Crypto bros never tire of sharing their utopian visions, but their big brain ideas aren’t always embraced by the proles.

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and inventor of Ethereum, has become the latest victim of this insolence. The 27-year-old had pitched a bold solution to the gender pay gap: synthetic wombs. “Synthetic wombs would remove the high burden of pregnancy, significantly reducing the inequality,” he tweeted on Tuesday. The proposal gained support from several tech bros — but incurred the wrath of feminists.

They argued that biological gestation isn’t the main barrier to gender equality. Instead, they pointed to the high costs of childrearing, limited governmental support, and widespread sexism. Some pointed to the positive aspects of pregnancy — or suggested that Buterin was disconnected from reality.

Buterin needs to lay off the Sci-Fi movies for a bit.

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