Crypto Payment Solution for Media Monetization

January 15, 2022 3:48 pm Comments

BBTV (BroadbandTV Corporation) has recently announced a pay to crypto solution which would essentially allow media creators get paid in a cryptocurrency of their choice as seamlessly as getting paid in a fiat currency.

There are a lot of benefits for providing alternative payment methods when it comes to compensating digital creators.

One benefit is that there is usually minimal transaction fees and quick turnaround times compared to other options.

To provide some quick context on BBTV, the company works with different content creators by detecting and monetizing videos by fans across a variety of different platforms such as YouTube.

BBTV’s move to embrace crypto adoption is not the first time the company was involved in the space as the company had previously invested in an NFT platform called Nifty’s Inc.

Cointelegraph reports:

The move to integrate crypto payments is a response to creator interest, according to BBTV chairperson and CEO Shahrzad Rafati.

“Creators have been really vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way,” Rafati said.

The crypto payment solution is implemented with the help of crypto trading platform Netcoins, a subsidiary of BIGG Digital Assets Inc. BIGG CEO Mark Binns also gave his two cents, “converting their payments from USD into other currencies changes the narrative of what their payments can do.”

BBTV is only one of many companies that are starting to accept and send alternative options of payment by listening the the feedback of their customers and core audiences.

Recent reports have shown that this shift is not only limited to larger corporations like BBTV, but also include businesses that are not publicly traded companies.

Visa had conducted surveys that indicate that many small to medium enterprises are also taking part of this change and that many will continue to do so in 2022.

BBTV makes this change a reality by partnering with Netcoins’ Restricted Dealer License, as a legal and regulated Crypto Trading Platform in Canada which will allow BBTV to be able to quickly and seamlessly pay their content creators in crypto.

Globalnewswire reports:

Mark Binns, BIGG CEO, remarked, “We are thrilled to work with BBTV to enable this unique payment system, built on the Netcoins infrastructure and licensed offering.

We see this as a first mover opportunity for BBTV, and utilizing our existing scale to offer excellent prices and seamless technology integration, sets BBTV up to be the leader in crypto payments to content creators.”

“Web3 is a big part of the creator economy already, from social tokens to NFTs and cryptocurrency.

This is just one step that BBTV is taking to pioneer Web3 solutions for creators in this fast-emerging segment of the creator economy,” commented Shahrzad Rafati, Chairperson and CEO, BBTV.

“Receiving a portion or all of their monthly earnings in crypto helps creators further diversify their income.

Creators have been really vocal about their interest in entering the Web3 revolution, and we’re very proud to lead the way as their strategic partner.

We’re very excited to provide Pay to Crypto leveraging Netcoins as a strong platform.”

BBTV is a media platform that has a reach of millions of content creators with over 600 million users that consume content from the platform.

This adoption by the company may signal or indicate a shift in the media content industry and serve as a framework for other platforms or companies to follow suit to transform the creator economy.

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