Dave Portnoy Gets Sued By SafeMoon Despite Never Selling

August 8, 2022 11:50 pm Comments

Should Dave Portnoy adopt the nickname diamond hands, Dave?

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy let the world know he’s still holding SafeMoon despite being down 94%.

Portnoy originally invested $40,000 in SafeMoon but now his investment is worth just around $2,300.

Besides being down, Portnoy is also being sued by SafeMoon for reportedly “trashing” the meme coin on his podcast.

Portney previously posted a video of him mocking Safemoon due to the fact the meme coin tanked soon after he invested in it.

Cointelegraph had these details to share:

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy has watched his investment in SafeMoon (SAFEMOON) crash by over 94%, proving to crypto enthusiasts that he is, in fact, capable of hodling during the bear market.

The stock trader and media personality took to Twitter on Monday to lament his $40,000 investment in the memecoin, which has fallen to just $2,370.94 after he didn’t withdraw a single token. “Still holding by the way,” Portnoy said. “Diamond hands.”

Portnoy claimed that he’s also being sued by SafeMoon, possibly for “trashing” the project on his show, but didn’t elaborate much further. In a separate tweet, Portnoy shared a screenshot of SafeMoon’s sales manager expressing displeasure with the Barstool Sports frontman for giving the company “a bad look and unfair representation.” Portnoy “mentioned his SafeMoon losses on air but failed to mention he hasn’t upgraded his holdings to V2 yet,” the manager said.


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