David Beckham Enters the Metaverse With NFT Collection

March 27, 2022 1:58 pm Comments

Celebrity endorsements of blockchain, crypto, and the metaverse are getting increasingly popular these days and play a key role in increasing mainstream awareness of the growing industry.

With that said, David Beckham has recently announced that he is now the ambassador of the DigitalBits blockchain and will be entering the metaverse with his own NFTs.

Usually, this isn’t anything special as many celebrities have started to get in on the trend so far, but it does indicate a new milestone in regards to celebrity endorsements as the number of engagements here will likely start to increase exponentially which brings good news to early crypto investors.

DigitalBits has also entered multiple other partnerships before in the sports industry and will likely continue doing so as the growth of crypto means that it will disrupt more industries where previously thought unlikely.

CoinMarketCap reports:

DigitalBits announced the news by posting a video that stars Beckham dramatically kicking a virtual globe that resembles a football — which then transforms into a portal for the metaverse. Meanwhile, a narrator says:

“The world is changing. The power of blockchain is creating new dimensions. We are redefining how we connect with one another, in ways we could never have imagined.”

Beckham is then seen approaching this mystical portal and peering his head inside, before walking in.

A substantial number of sports stars, past and present, have been hired as ambassadors by top crypto and blockchain brands.

Similar to the announcement by Beckham, Naomi Osaka also previously revealed that she would be involved with the FTX Exchange where her involvements would be compensated with digital assets.

Analysts believe that the increase endorsements and ambassadors in the crypto space may likely help steer the conversation and create a more favorable perception among the public.

As a result, the government may be more likely to create regulatory frameworks that support the growth of the industry due to public pressure which would be a good counter to some of the restrictive legal actions that some government agencies are doing now.

In fact, celebrity endorsements are one of the biggest concerns for government by regulators.

U.today shares more details:

As previously covered by U.Today, Japanese professional tennis player Naomi Osaka has become an ambassador for cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

As part of the arrangement, Osaka will reportedly receive a stake in FTX as well as other payments. The top-seeded tennis player has now joined American professional basketball star Stephen Curry, legendary quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen.

Before joining FTX, the 24-year-old tennis star collaborated with Autograph, Brady’s NFT platform, to launch her first collection of non-fungible tokens.

As more celebrities join the cryptocurrency bandwagon, regulators are becoming increasingly concerned.

The Bank of England announced the creation of the country’s first regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and digital assets, even though the sector is still small, as earlier reported by U.Today.

Once public perception reaches a tipping point for crypto, investors are optimistic that the government will follow suit to help support the growth of the industry, but how soon this will happen remains unclear.

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