David Schwartz Says He’s Back On PayPal, Wild Speculation Ensues

January 27, 2022 11:39 am Comments

Ripple CTO David Schwartz is apparently back on PayPal after more than a decade away. In fact, he has taken to Twitter to announce that he now considers PayPal the best way to pay online in USD.

Back in 2019, he mentioned his beef with the payment platform explaining he had β€œa lifetime ban”.

Since that tweet, his ban has been lifted, and he is not only using PayPal again but says he loves the platform. However, Schwartz emphasized that he has not forgiven the treatment he received from the US payments giant prior to his recent change of heart.

The tweets have not only sparked a conversation on Twitter about PayPal and Ripple, but the conversation has turned into a lot of speculation as to a new budding relationship between $XRP and PayPal!

The speculation continued…

Eventually, the Twitter conversation started bringing the conversation back to the link to the future of crypto and payment processing…

Yes, remember PayPal Galactic? A payment processing platform to send payments TO THE MOOOON!?

Sure the speculation is all fun and games at first, but think about it… As recently as last week, cryptocurrency lawyer Jake Chervinsky reminded us all that there are two people as of late who are really giving the SEC the most trouble: Ripple and doggedly pro-crypto whale Elon Musk!

Can this be a match made in heaven?

The discussion is certainly not a new one, back in 1999, Peter Thiel, who founded PayPal with Elon Musk, was talking about a β€˜galactic digital currency, something then called PayPal Galactic. Peter Thiel then in that same year, invested in Ripple.

PayPal has since made moves into crypto, as reported in Treat Your Crypto:

PayPal embraces cryptocurrencies but not XRP

In late 2020, PayPal dipped its toes into crypto and promised to expand the exposure of millions of its customers to digital currencies later on. In November, purchases of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc., were enabled, but customers were not allowed to move their crypto beyond PayPal.

In March of last year, the company allowed its U.S. clients to use crypto to pay over 26 million merchants that collaborate with PayPal.

At the end of May 2021, the payments behemoth announced that its clients would soon be able to withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin into outside cryptocurrency wallets.

In the fall, PayPal’s customers in the U.K. were also allowed to start buying crypto via the platform.

The dots are starting to connect here. Elon Musk and Ripple: Two forces united in furthering crypto, faster transactions, and in opposition to the SEC.

PayPal, a company with ties to both Ripple and Elon Musk, embraces cryptocurrency and looking for ways to speed international transactions.

We at Pro Coin News mentioned the connection back in December 2021, and the connections continue to grow stronger:

Let’s recap: you have the richest man and likely smartest man on the planet with his roots in the payments industry, obsessed with the letter X, starts talking about β€œPayPal Galactic” but then that suddenly disappears as XRP is created, a man all about energy efficiency and saving the planet…..and then we take a hard left turn and he’s into DOG-COIN?

What better partnership to forge the future of currency than a PayPal/Ripple/Space-X partnership to literally take crypto TO THE MOOOOONNNN?

What do you think? Is David Schwartz reconciling with PayPal the beginning of a new relationship? Far stranger things have happened!

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