David Schwartz, The Antarctic and Riddle Bear?

December 4, 2021 10:41 am Comments

When we started ProCoinNews, we started with two guiding principles:

One: Always tell the truth, wherever that takes us.

Two: Always keep it new and fresh!

What we didn’t ever expect was to be covering a cartoon bear or one of the most brilliant minds as he sails to Antarctica dodging icebergs.

Yet those two things are suddenly converging and it’s too bizarre to ignore.

So here we go…

A couple days ago, as the XRPL was having some issues, David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) tweeted to @WietseWind that he was “in Antarctica and unable to help”.

Take a look:

Odd, right?

He then followed that up with these:


And here’s one more (remember this quote, it will be important in a minute):

Ok, so for everyone keeping track we have @JoelKatz sailing the frigid ocean and spotting icebergs.

That’s totally normal….😬

And no, I’m not even going here:

No, instead of talking NWO and Flat Earth (which you can all do in the comments below), I instead want to talk about a Cartoon Bear Riddler.

That’s right.

Many of you know @bearableguy123.

Many of you love decoding his riddles.

Many of you hate the Bear.

That’s irrelevant to this story.

What is relevant is back on April 12, 2020 the Bear tweeted out this image:

So for everyone keeping track in one image we have:

A bear staring straight into the sun, on an ocean (in the Antarctic?) running right into an iceberg….

All from over 1.5 years ago?

And now it’s playing out with Schwartz in the boat as we speak?

“Odd” doesn’t even begin to do it justice.

Is this all for real?

Or is Schwartz just having fun yanking everyone’s chain?

(in my very best Working Money Channel voice): “I wanna hear what you think, leave a comment below!”

Oh, and one more thing…

This may not even be the craziest David Schwartz story we’ve covered all week.

For that one, read this:  Is @JoelKatz A/K/A David Schwartz Actually Nakamoto?

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