David Schwartz…XRP…2001?

July 21, 2022 10:10 pm Comments

What is going on here?

If a new report from Twitter user Nathan Price is true, it looks like David Schwartz (@JoelKatz) has just been connected to another (?) XRP, this one dating back to 2001.

Yes, really.

Credit to @Nathan855 (pro tip: do NOT go to @Nathan955 on Twitter…) and Alex Cobb for breaking this story open.

Price sent out this Tweet earlier today:

I’m going to give you a zoom in on the images below.

This is the “eXtensive Registry Protocol” or XRP…sound familiar?

It’s from August 2001.

Take a look (and keep scrolling for the mindblown moment):

Image 2:

Image 3:

And Image 4:

Now let’s do a zoom-in on Image 4:

Yes folks, that is a D. Schwartz involved with a group called “XRP” back in 2001.

What in the world?

Price claims the SEC is aware of this as well:

It all seems to be related to something called NeuStar:

Even Wrath of Kahneman is on the case:

Oh, and did you catch there were FOUR names listed in this one:

K. Cartwright, V. Bhatia, S. Ali and D. Schwartz.

Funny how we keep getting groups of four.

Because didn’t the FBI say they interviewed four people who were Satoshi?

And why does David Schwartz seem to be connected to EVERYTHING?

If you need a refresher, first we had this:

Is David Schwartz Satoshi? “It’s certainly plausible I was part of a group…”

And then we had a DEEP DIVE here:

Who Is Jed McCaleb and Why Is He Untouchable?

Credit to the wild man, Alex Cobb, for pulling this all together and breaking it down.

Watch here:

David…it’s time to come clean.

No more riddles…

No more funny tweets…

No more teasing…

What is the truth?

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