Despite Heavy Redactions, Hinman’s Emails a Treasure Trove For The XRP Army!

May 5, 2022 2:02 pm Comments

Yesterday we brought you a huge story courtesy of Stuart Young (follow him here on Twitter) who was finally successful in seeking a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from the SEC.

His original request was made on January 2, 2022 and yesterday he finally received the documents.

He asked for three items:

(1) access to Bill Hinman’s public calendar and (2) a list
of the 63 email recipients he discussed the "Hinman speech
content" with, or (3) any official SEC meetings Jay Clayton had
with Ethereum.

We published the SEC’s cover letter and documents yesterday.

Here is the cover letter back from the FOIA Services department of the SEC (we have redacted Stuart’s address for privacy):

SEC Response

(hover your mouse over the letter and use the buttons at the bottom to read all 3 pages)

And here are the 71 Hinman emails:

22-00877-FOIA Enclosure

Now here’s where it gets fun…

A lot of responses (rightfully) pointed out that the emails are redacted almost entirely.

We even got a reply from @JoelKatz himself, which was pretty cool:

Funny, David.

But when the XRP Army started to dig just a little bit deeper, we started to find out there is a lot of information here to data mine (like I said yesterday in my article).

Look deeper.

And many of you did just that….

The names in the headers of the emails give a LOT of information.

Here was Dr. Kano with this find:

He later corrected himself, but make no mistake the SEC and Blackrock are very connected.  It’s a revolving door.  This was still a big find:

More connections to Blackrock:

@_CryptoArsenal dug real deep and started a spreadsheet to track these people:

Here is a zoom-in to read better:

The Digital Asset Investor said a week ago he was re-energized and like a Dog on a Bone going after names, so I can only imagine how he’s doing today with this list ☝️.

Probably like this:

Attorney Jeremy Hogan weighed in too with this observation:

Keep digging, there is a LOT in here!

These people may be deceitful and dishonest and definitely NOT protecting investors, but they’re not very smart.

Even when they think they redacted everything, they still leave a treasure trove of information, and thanks to Stuart we are going to get every last bit!

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