DOGE Will NOT Be The First Crypto In Space This Token Already Did It

November 29, 2021 9:23 pm Comments

Sorry to disappoint DOGE holders and Elon Musk but Dogecoin will not be the first cryptocurrency in space.

E-sports token and Game streaming platform Ultimogg(ULTGG) has already launched a ledger filled with ULTGG tokens and their first NFT into space.

Ultimogg is in the process of  creating a game streaming service that rewards content creators with their cryptocurrency ULTGG.

What makes ULTGG better than Twitch and YouTube is that they plan to take 0% commissions; which means gamers will not be ripped off like they are on other gaming platforms where they have to pay sometimes up 50% on commissions.

Ultimogg has already hosted several major gaming tournaments and has inked a deal with  EFL Championship football club Birmingham City F.C. to create a new E-sport team for the club.

If your looking to buy ULTGG, you can buy it on Pancakeswap by swapping it with BNB Smart Chain with the contract address on Coin Gecko or you can buy it on their site here: Ultimogg.

The token is currently selling for $0.000000007 so if you like tokens that makes you a “crypto billionaire” now’s your time to buy because the token is severely undervalued.

Watch the moment ULTGG entered space here:


Yahoo Finance had more on the story:

ULTGG also launched the first NFT into space by launching a ledger filled with its ULTGG tokens into space along with the first ULTGG NFT. The Market Cap of ULTGG Token reached an impressive $25m within 10 minutes of launching. The Ultimo GG platform NFT marketplace allows creators to not only sell NFTs for FIAT & ULTGG but also mint new ones directly. The company released its cryptocurrency in early July and amassed 13000+ holders within the first month itself. Its unique ULTGG gaming token has played a vital role in the success of this venture. It is considered revolutionary in democratizing esports and empowering gamers & content creators around the world to build a better future. It is a currency that could be used across the entire Ultimo GG ecosystem and be exchanged for real money.

The team behind ULTGG has thrived on developing a versatile platform that caters to gamers’ needs and rewards them for everything they do – from any action they take to every game they play. They have focused on developing a user-intuitive interface that enables easy navigation for players, helps them find their favorite games, and bag large prizes and rewards. To discover raw esports talents, Ultimo GG aspires to become a one-of-a-kind, complete framework, enabling the stars of tomorrow to shine under its banner.

ULTGG offers a range of services from its platform. From being a gaming platform to providing a fair space to crypto players, content creators and anyone who wants to contribute to the community, the scope with ULTGG is unrestrained. It is a boon for individuals who have been waiting for a chance to make real money using their unique talents, this groundbreaking platform allows the users to change ULTGG into fiat and make a career out of their talents. Progressing rapidly, looking at the growth of ULTGG in such a short time, it is safe to say that it will complete the goals enumerated in the roadmap pretty soon.


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