Dubai Begins Using Cardano In A BIG Way

March 11, 2024 8:43 pm Comments

UAE’s law enforcement apparatus has started to use the Cardano blockchain in a big way.

According to the latest reports, the Dubai Police have begun a pilot program to use the Cardano blockchain to secure the data in their criminal investigations and law enforcement databases.

This would allow Dubai’s police and other law enforcement agencies such as Interpol to share information seamlessly, securely, and efficiently by utilizing the same protocol to shift data across agencies.

Cardano is written using the Haskell programming language and is far more proprietary than blockchains using common programming languages such as Python, making it an excellent choice for government agencies looking to use a secure blockchain network.

Could this be a catalyst to drive the price of ADA upwards? Perhaps it will. The Cardano community welcomed the development with open arms:

Cryptopolitan shared more details on the Dubai Police initiative:

The presentation highlighted the platform’s high level of security in sharing important forensic information, including scans of bullets embedded in concrete, among different international stakeholders through blockchain technology.

President of Skypath Security, Omar Shands writes: “The blockchain ensures that the data is not tampered with and can be tracked among various stakeholders. Making sure that data can be securely shared and managed in a decentralized network of stakeholders is becoming more and more relevant in industries from energy, defense to IoT. Blockchain technology can be one of the enabling tools for that.”

Bitcoinist explained the significance of the project:

By ensuring the integrity and security of investigative data, this project not only showcases the practical utility of blockchain technology but also sets a precedent for its application in global law enforcement operations.

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