Elizabeth Warren Wants To Work With Crypto Industry, But There’s A HUGE Catch

February 28, 2024 7:34 pm Comments

Pocahontas says she wants to work with the crypto industry, but there is a glaring catch.

The Senator from Massachusetts says she is willing to collaborate with the crypto industry if the nascent crypto industry adheres to the corrupt rules of the traditional finance sector.

In other words, she wants open source technology by the people, for the people, to adhere to the crony capitalism scam to benefit her and her friends.

It’s no secret that the crypto world hates Elizabeth Warren, and her recent comments show just how out of touch she is.

Crypto was created as an alternative to the rigged and failing traditional finance system that is controlled by corrupt corporations and an unjust state.

Just as the printing press was a major catalyst in freeing humanity and the monarchies of old could do absolutely nothing to stop it, so too will decentralized blockchain technology free humanity—whether or not Warren agrees.

She makes demands of the industry without realizing that her time in the sun is over—the world belongs to us now, and it is we who will increasingly make the demands, not a dinosaur that needs to sit down, shut up, and realize that the world has left her behind.

Take a look at her ridiculous demands below and make sure to send a few choice words her way—let her know exactly where she stands.

CoinDesk noted:

The staunchly anti-crypto senator introduced the bill last year and initially garnered some support. However, the bill has hit a few roadblocks as the Senate Banking Committee has been busy with other matters.

Tony Edward of the Thinking Crypto Podcast had this to say about Warren and other corrupt bureaucrats: “Elizabeth Warren is a professional liar. But she and her gimp Gary Gensler are not going to win.”

Cryptopolitan had more on Warren’s proposed bill:

The bill, dubbed as the “Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act,” seeks to align the cryptocurrency business with the Bank Secrecy Act by requiring customer due diligence, among other steps.

Warren thinks that these procedures are necessary for establishing a level playing field inside the financial system, which transfers billions of dollars every day.

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