Elon Musk Reveals SEC Chair Gary Gensler Had Close Inner Connections With Sam Bankman-Fried

November 14, 2022 2:06 pm Comments

Elon Musk’s most recent tweet pointed out current SEC Chair Gary Gensler is closely connected to former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried.

Musk tweeted out a photo that reveals Gary Gensler was a former professor at MIT, the picture would go on to state SBF was a graduate of MIT.

In the lower half of the picture, it showed Glenn Ellison who is an economics professor at MIT who also just happened to be Gensler’s former boss.

The picture gets even stranger because it also reveals  Caroline Elison is the daughter of Glenn Ellison.

Carolina Elison reportedly dated Bankman-Fried and serves as the CEO of Alameda (owned by Bankman-Fried).

The picture explains it a lot better, look:

If the “sheriff” of the SEC was to overlook a shady investment scheme, this would be the one to overlook:

Fast Company had more details to share about FTX’s collapse:

Over the last 48 hours, SBF’s $15 billion net worth evaporated in a fraud-induced bank run common to the crypto space. SBF’s situation is a lot like that of Enron. One of his companies, FTX, claimed to have substantial assets valued at billions, but it didn’t disclose that the market price of those assets—called FTT tokens—was set by trading back and forth to another one of his company’s, Alameda Research. All the value was based on sham prices in sham transactions. When a rival decided to engineer a bank run on FTX, his network of firms simply didn’t have enough cash to honor the withdrawal requests. Bloomberg has written SBF lost 94% of his net worth yesterday, and he’s now under Federal investigation.

It will be interesting to see if SBF gets investigated, musk belive no serous investigation will take place due to SBF being cozy with Democrats:

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