Elon Musk Says He Detected “Bullsh*t” While Talking To FTX Founder

November 13, 2022 2:42 pm Comments

On Saturday morning, about 2:30 a.m. EST, Musk attended a Twitter Hangout with over 60,000 listeners to address FTX’s collapse and his opinions on Bankman-Fried.

In the hangout Musk stated  “I’d never heard of him(Sam Bankman-Fried).” “But then I received a ton of individuals informing me [that] he’s got massive sums of money he wants to put in the Twitter transaction.” And I chatted to him for almost 30 minutes. And I know my bullshit meter was red lining. That was my first impression: “This guy is a jerk.”

Musk would go on to say: “Then I was like, man, everyone including major investment banks – everyone was talking about him like he’s walking on water and has a zillion dollars. And that [was] not my impression…that dude is just – there’s something wrong, and he does not have capital

Coin Desk reported these details:

Around 2:30 am EST on Saturday morning, Musk joined a Twitter Space with over 60,000 listeners to discuss the hack of FTX and share his thoughts on Bankman-Fried.

“To be honest, I’d never heard of him,” Musk said. “But then I got a ton of people telling me [that] he’s got, you know, huge amounts of money that he wants to invest in the Twitter deal. And I talked to him for about half an hour. And I know my bullshit meter was redlining. It was like, this dude is bullshit – that was my impression.”

Musk also told listeners that they should keep their crypto in cold wallets, not in exchanges.
“I would reaffirm that, if you have crypto, you should have it in a directly-accessible cold wallet. Not in an exchange,” Musk said. “That would be wise.”

The spectacular collapse of FTX – until this week one of the largest and seemingly most regulated exchanges in the world – hasn’t turned Musk off crypto as a whole.

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