Equilibrium Games Is Bringing The Metaverse and Crypto Gaming To XRP

January 24, 2022 10:27 pm Comments

Equilibrium Games(EQ) is a cryptocurrency that runs on the XRP ledger that can be earned in all of the Equilibrium Games that are still in development. The earned EQ can be taken out to a supported wallet or exchange and then be traded and exchanged to your currency.

The goal of Equilibrium Games is to unite the gaming industry and the Blockchain Universe.

Unlike most Play to Earn, Metaverse, and GameFi coins, EQ is set to make blockchain games with a player-driven economy that enables players to trade items earned in games with each other rather than using a third-party market to conduct the exchanges.

In EQ’s Metaverse owners of real estate can make passive income by earning EQ by charging players for goods or services on their land.

Currently, EQ has a Market Cap of $18,909,307 and is selling at $0.3159.

Equilibrium Games had more details to share about their new game under development called World of Equilibrium:

As passionate gamers and crypto enthusiasts ourselves, we are developing a game that is rewarding the player crypto to play. 20% of the total EQ supply will be allocated for Server rewards who the player can receive by playing the game doing quests and killing monsters, first boss monster kills and events.

There is no cost involved to start playing and earning! Cosmetic items will be tradeable as NFT’s in the marketplace with EQ tokens. We support artists who like to provide UE4 cosmetic items (for the standard UE4 skeleton) by giving them a creator fee for each sale. In Equilibrium World you can acquire terrains/levels and buildings. The owner of a land can for example earn passive income by taxing other players for services used in their land and receives an amount of EQ Tokens found by other players in their land.

The ownerships can be freely traded as NFT’s by the players on our marketplace (coming soon) and on exchanges.

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