GAME CHANGER: The REAL Reason Elon Musk Bought Twitter

November 2, 2022 10:29 pm Comments

Twitter continues to be the “most fascinating place on Earth” right now…

And for good reason.

But even more fascinating is the man behind the curtain and speculation on why he bought TWTR and where he’s going with it.

We’ve talked a lot about it recently and credit to the Digital Asset Investor who was talking about this two years ago (!!) far before Elon Musk ever hinted at wanting to purchase Twitter.

But it looks like DAI was on the money again, because all of the things he’s been talking about are now coming into much clearer focus…

Nodes on Satellites (SpaceX)…

PayPal Galactic (PayPal Mafia)… (XRP)…

And on we go.

But today I want to share with you a really intriguing Tweet thread from @1MarkMoss.

Some of this we’ve covered before, but he has some VERY interesting new wrinkles…

Let’s jump in:

I told you it was good!

But I have more…

We’ve covered Elon Musk and his fascination with the letter “X” many times here at ProCoinNews, and it’s always fascinating to dig up new connections.

The @CroissantEth on Twitter just posted an awesome write up making many connections and tying the story together in a brilliant way.

Here was the entire Twitter thread:

Working Money Channel is also connecting some big dots:

Full video here:

It’s X.

It always has been X.

And that means…XRP and XLM.

Want to go deeper?

Here’s more:

Elon Musk: Purchasing Twitter Will Accelerate “X” By 3-5 Years!

Elon Musk sure does love the letter “X”.

He named a kid X.

He named a car X.

He named a couple companies X.

I’ll explain all of that in more detail below…

But for now we have to talk about his latest reference to X.

And it has to do with Twitter.

Oh, and did I mention #XRP starts with “X” and Elon was the founder of the Paypal Mafia?

Just a huge coincidence, I’m sure.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again.

We’ll cover all of that here in just a minute below.

But the big news of the day is Elon Musk suddenly doing an about-face (which we predicted — All The World’s A Stage?) and agreeing to buy Twitter and close immediately for the originally agreed-upon price.

Game-set-match.  Checkmate!

The news took everyone by surprise.

But what Elon posted afterwards is what really has my attention.

Take a look:

Really, Elon….you don’t say?

You want to create “X” — the Everything app?

What an interesting name!

He wasn’t done.

Later in the day he said buying Twitter accelerates his plans by 3-5 years:

Our friend XRP Crypto Wolf was all over it:

Exactly right!

And you gotta love this meme video posted by yzy.eth:

Elon explains a bit more what “X” might be in this clip:

And now if you haven’t been following the connection between Elon and X, please allow me to indulge you.

This might blow your mind…

Elon Musk’s Connection To “X” and XRP — EXPOSED

With Elon Musk dominating the news and especially the Twitter news, I thought it was a good time to re-examine his origins in the online payments space, his connection to the letter “X”, and his many connections to “XRP”.

Shall we dig in?

To begin, let me just say flat out that Elon Musk is one of my favorite people on the planet.

Endlessly fascinating, endless value to society, endless creativity!

And now we know he’s pro-Free Speech.

That’s a good guy in my book.

In the crypto world, he’s well known for supporting DOGE coin, but it’s never totally made sense.

The smartest man on the planet is supporting a meme coin?

I want to take a moment and ask a question:  what if the Digital Asset Investor is right and “all the world’s a stage”?

What if Elon’s fling with DOGE and all the Mainstream Media attention to BTC and ETH is just to keep you distracted while the real deal was going down?

It’s not as crazy as it might sound, and the more you look behind the curtain the more dots seem to suddenly start connecting….

Let’s take a deeper look….

Did you know Elon seems to have a fascination with the letter “X”?

Many people may not know he purchased and founded which later was rebranded into PayPal:

Then he moved on to space and there’s that letter again in SpaceX:

Oh and what about Tesla you ask?

Well they just so happen to have a “Model X”:

Ok, ok….now I understand one letter does not a connection make.

But it’s interesting and it’s only our starting point.

Then we move beyond companies to his kid, who he named what else but X (and some other letters I don’t quite know how to type on the keyboard):

This was hilarious:

Now let’s go back to PayPal…

Given his work at Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, Neurolink and everything else, it’s easy to forget Elon got his start in the PAYMENTS industry (PayPal).

Don’t forget that.

Have to give credit to the Digital Asset Investor for being on this many months ago, and reminding us all of something called PayPal Galactic:

And this:

And this:

From, talk of the first “intergalactic currency” started back in 2013 and was all about PayPal:

Earthbound financial transactions service PayPal launched a quest for an intergalactic currency, saying it is time to figure out what space travelers will use as cash.

“The time has now come for us to start planning for the future; a future where we aren’t just talking about global payments,” said PayPal president David Marcus. “We are expanding our vision off earth into space.”

PayPal Galactic Initiative will be formally unveiled Thursday at the SETI Institute campus in the Silicon Valley city of Mountain View, with attendees to include famed alien seeker Jill Tarter and former US astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The initiative, headed by PayPal, aims to bring together parties with roles to play in the commercialization of space to explore a framework for a financial system that spans galaxies.

You know who else was in the “PayPal Mafia” back in the very early days?

Big time XRP investor Peter Thiel.

Here he is back in 1999:

Let’s recap: you have the richest man and likely smartest man on the planet with his roots in the payments industry, obsessed with the letter X, starts talking about “PayPal Galactic” but then that suddenly disappears as XRP is created, a man all about energy efficiency and saving the planet…..and then we take a hard left turn and he’s into DOG-COIN?

Really folks?

Now let’s add one more connection that is almost too irresistible….

Of all the people/companies in the world, who are the first two that come to mind that hate the SEC?


If you think this article is all pure speculation….it is, except it’s not just me.

Others are beginning to make the connection.

Like XRP Bush:

And XRP Daddy:

And Mason Versluis:

And of course DAI who has been on this story for a long time:

And now as people are connecting the dots and realizing that Elon hates the SEC as much as all the XRP holders who have been harmed by the SEC, calls are growing for Elon to get involved and blow the story wide open:

Like this rare non-satire Tweet from XRP the Standard Productions:

And Stefan Huber:

And the Spanish Billionaire:

And Mark:

And my man Crypto Bull:

If you want to go much deeper on this, the Digital Asset Investor put together an awesome video about a year ago doing a deep dive that is really worth your time.


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