Game Streaming Crypto ULTGG Will Be Listed On Bitmart

November 15, 2021 11:31 am Comments

UltimoGG(ULTGG) will officially be listed on Bitmart exchange on November 19th.

The announcement was made both on ULTGG’s discord and twitter account and has many investors speculating that it won’t be the last exchange ULTGG is listed on.

So what is UltimoGG?

Well UltimoGG is in the works to create game streaming service that rewards content creators with their cryptocurrency ULTGG.

What makes ULTGG better than Twitch and YouTube is that they plan to take 0% commissions; which means gamers will not be ripped off like they are on other gaming platforms where they have to pay sometimes up 50% on commissions.

Ultimogg has already hosted several major gaming tournaments and has inked a deal with  EFL Championship football club Birmingham City F.C. to create a new esport team for the club.

If your looking to buy ULTGG, you can buy it on Pancakeswap by swapping it with BNB Smart Chain with the contract address on Coin Gecko or you can buy it on their site here: Ultimogg.

The token is currently selling for $0.000000006773 so if you like tokens that makes you a “crypto billionaire” now’s your time to buy because the token is severely undervalued.

Check out a portion of ULTGG’s white paper:

All of us want to be in control of our destiny and at its core, that’s what gaming is – it’s about giving players the freedom, the chance, and the control to shape their environment. And that’s exactly what Ultimo GG is doing for esports & esports enthusiasts.

At Ultimo GG we believe in giving the power back to the people by giving them the chance to monetise doing what they love: playing their favourite games and interacting with their communities. We are creating a fully selfsustainable economy and ecosystem that rewards gamers and content
creators for everything they do on the Ultimo GG platform with our utility token, ULTGG.

ULTGG can be used across the platform and with our partners, and unlike other platforms offerings, has REAL WORLD VALUE. ULTGG offers gamers the chance to monetise their passion for gaming, turning dreams into a reality for esports enthusiasts everywhere. ULTGG is stored in user wallets & fully integrated into the Ultimo GG platform, enabling the user to exchange ULTGG for other cryptocurrencies or FIAT wherever or whenever they choose, enabling gamers around the world to realise their
dream of making a living doing what they love.

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