Helium Network Announces Game-Changing Unlimited Plan

December 7, 2023 12:19 pm Comments

The Helium Network just announced a game-changing unlimited plan for its mobile 5G network.

For just $20 per month, customers can access unlimited talk, text, and data nationwide. Helium plans on becoming the future of wireless services by completely decentralizing the internet and cellular coverage.

This is accomplished through interested individuals buying mini wireless antennas and mobile hotspots and then providing the necessary service to willing customers.

Such a decentralized antenna layout would theoretically eliminate wireless dead zones created by massive, centralized cellular towers that are limited in placement and reach.

Critics of the network point out that Helium only generated a profit of around ~$6,500 in 2022 for those operating the network. Moreover, because Helium rents bandwidth from wireless giant T-Mobile, users are also questioning the decentralized aspect of the network.

For the network to reach its goals, becoming an operator of the network must become mainstream. This means that the number of people buying the necessary equipment to act as wireless relays must dramatically increase.

On Tuesday, Helium announced: “Our nationwide $20/month Unlimited Phone Plan is now available! The average American spends $157/month on their phone plan, but starting today, anyone in the US can join Helium Mobile & say goodbye to overpriced bills.”

The Block explained:

Helium Mobile is offering an outdoor Helium mobile hotspot for $499 and an indoor one for $249. According to Helium Hotspots Map, there are currently 3,831 active mobile hotspots in the network and 357,087 active hotspots for internet-of-things devices.

Justin Leroux was critical of Helium and asked: “The Helium Mobile announcement is baffling. They’re leasing bandwidth from T-Mobile like all other third-party carriers and directly selling marked up hotspots. This doesn’t use their LoRoWAN network. Just channeling funds to a traditional business or am I missing something?”

Bankless conducted its own analysis of the viability of the Helium Network and its native Helium Network Token (HNT), you can read their full report by following the link in the tweet below.

Coin Journal added:

Riding on the news, Helium (HNT), the native cryptocurrency of Helium Network which is at the heart of Helium Mobile, has surged by 27% to trade at $5.24 at press time.

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