Here Are The SEC’s Chances Of Winning The Ripple Lawsuit

June 7, 2023 9:06 am Comments

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PCN recently reported that star attorney John Deaton gave his predictions for the culmination of the ongoing lawsuit and Ripple’s chances for victory.

Deaton estimated Ripple’s chances of an outright victory at 25%, chances of a mixed or partial victory at 75%, and only a 25% chance of an SEC victory. …

Now the pro-Ripple attorney is back but with even better odds. …

According to John Deaton, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) only has a 3% chance of winning the lawsuit against Ripple Labs.

The attorney and others point to recent developments by the blockchain company such as the acquisition of Metaco and key partnerships in Hong Kong, as a bullish sign for both Ripple Labs and XRP.

Here’s what everyone is saying:

ZY Crypto reports:

John Deaton says there is only a 3% chance that the SEC will win its case against Ripple.

He explained his position by noting that Judge Torres will likely “split the baby”, with Ripple claiming most of the victory.

Deaton illustrated his position by claiming that Judge Torres could rule that XRP offered before 2018 was a security.



U Today featured a related piece highlighting a potential Ripple IPO:

A conversation sprang up on Twitter that revealed that Ripple conducted a private roadshow event in April, where the company and its underwriters met with a couple of Wall Street investors to generate interest in an IPO.

This revelation has become the subject of much speculation, with Deaton noting that Ripple could even be in a good position depending on what the summary judgment turns out to be.

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