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Here Are The Two Unsealed 2012 Ripple Memos

February 18, 2022 10:36 pm Comments

We’ve heard all week long about the infamous 2012 Ripple Memos.

Would they be unsealed?

Would they not?

We finally found out yesterday and the answer is Ripple Labs fully supports their unsealing.

You have to wonder if Ripple played the ultimate rope-a-dope…

File the under seal, make the SEC think they desperately wanted them kept confidential when in reality they were the key piece of evidence…and then when the SEC presses to unseal them suddenly say you agree 100%.


Because that’s exactly what happened when Ripple wrote a letter to the Court saying they did not oppose the unsealing of the Memos and the Court then issued this ruling:

The Memos were then unsealed and you can view them here:

And also on right here:

Memo #1

Memo #2

XRP’s General Counsel Stuart Alderoty was very pleased with the release:

Brad Garlinghouse also took what appeared to be a victory lap:

James K. Filan (an attorney) offers this opinion after review:

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