House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Used FTX Funds To Back Non-MAGA Candidates

November 20, 2022 11:39 am Comments

Current Republican House Kevin McCarthy used FTX cash to defeat Trump-backed MAGA candidates in primaries.

All throughout the 2022 midterms, McCarthy used FTX cash that was pumped into the Congressional Leadership Fund to fund candidates that were not considered “MAGA” candidates.

One of the most notable candidates that lost due to McCarthy’s donations to never Trumpers, was Rep. Madison Cawthorn.

On a separate note, a PAC influenced by Mitch McConnell received over $2.5 million to back never-Trumpers.

The National File broke the story:

GOP establishment leader and Speaker of the House pretender, Kevin McCarthy used FTX cash to defeat conservatives in 2022, as the corrupt, globalist-tied crypto exchange funded the establishment wings of both parties. Now, McCarthy is feeling the heat, as conservative members of Congress, and the voters they’re accountable to, are demanding answers for the GOP’s failed “red wave,” which looked more like a pink trickle.

Throughout the midterm campaign season, GOP establishment leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) used his Congressional Leadership Fund political machine to inject massive amounts of cash into House races nationwide. In doing so, he targeted GOP primary races and even general elections vs. Democrats, in which America First conservatives, aligned with President Trump, were on the ballot. Millions of dollars worth of the campaign money came straight from corrupt crypto exchange FTX and its top executives.

Along for the ride on McCarthy’s scheme were GOP lobbyist Jeff Miller, described as one of McCarthy’s “closest friends,” and Brian Walsh, an establishment strategist who McCarthy brought in to take down Madison Cawthorne after the young Representative blew the whistle on DC drug use and Capitol Hill pervert parties.

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