How Alty Is Streamlining Your Subscriber Based Business

March 8, 2022 1:51 pm Comments

State sponsored and big-tech censorship continue to pose a growing problem for us in the 21st century.

Whether it be the stifling of protest in opposition to the state, or the centralized control of information by tech giants such as Google and Facebook, truly decentralized crypto options are needed more than ever to ensure a free and open internet.

Content creators and subscriber based businesses are hit especially hard by this type of control. Entire subscriber based groups and channels can be taken down at the drop of a hat, or permanently removed with little to no cohesive reasoning at all.

In an instant, Google, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter can delete an income stream that took years to build just because an in-house moderator didn’t like the particular message, philosophy, or political orientation of that group or channel.

In the wake of this big tech censorship, many content creators, organizers, and subscription based services have moved their content and their followers to more open messaging platforms such as Telegram and WhatasApp.

Even those who continue to host Youtube and Facebook pages will often keep a special Telegram or WhatsApp group for premium subscribers, or simply as a backup for fear of being de-platformed by a tech giant.

Despite the greater sense of control on behalf of content creators and group organizers using these platforms—one major hurdle still exists: payment platforms.

Because many payment platforms such as PayPal and Square are heavily centralized, content creators are still vulnerable to having the financial rug pulled from under their feet, and Alty may just have the solution to this problem.

The Algorand based crypto wallet and payment solution currently allows users of the wallet to send crypto directly inside of a Telegram chat or a WhatsApp chat.

What makes this technology even more promising is the fact that users can send payments cross platform using the same wallet; this means people on Telegram can easily and seamlessly send payments to those on WhatsApp or vice versa.

To make matters even more exciting, Samir Bandali, the Chief Business Developer at Alty, tells us that the plan is to eventually be on every social messaging app including Signal, Discord and more.

The Alty roadmap states that by August of 2022 the company plans to:

Expand Alty’s media presence to the world’s most popular social channels—Youtube & Twitter.

I had the pleasure of attending Samir Bandali’s talk about the potential for Alty at the Tulum Crypto Club in Tulum Mexico:

The Algorand Foundation previously featured Alty in a press release:

This platform agnostic chat ecosystem, which is home to the many influential blockchain and crypto communities, has made its arsenal of tools more effective than ever thanks to the latest funding round led by Borderless Capital. Using the Alty Chatbot, users are able to command real time market prices for digital assets, receive up to date news feeds and information regarding these markets and send tips to other users in group-chat environments. Starting now, users can send and receive Algorand and its assets as well, using nothing but WhatsApp or Telegram.

“We’re delighted to have partnered with the most forward-thinking organization in the crypto industry,” said Alty’s CEO, Liran Peretz. “All of the Alty tools that influencers use to manage and monetize their communities have just been upgraded and we’ve instantly seen an increase in user engagement and wallet transactions overnight.”

The benefits to content creators and subscription based services are clear, but at the same time it has to be mentioned that the benefits to the everyday user are also immense.

Roughly 2.5 billion people globally use WhatsApp, and no one wants to have 34 different crypto wallets in their possession at any given time simply to transact—this is headache and we all know it.

The difficulty and esoteric nature of many crypto wallets and platforms today alienates potential new users and stems the tide of mass adoption; a cross platform, easy to use chat wallet would solve all if not most of those hurdles.

If you want to learn more about Alty or become a user of their terrific wallet service then I have some links for you to check out:

To learn more about Alty you can visit their official website here.

You can check out their Linkedin page here.

Keep up with Alty on Twitter here.

Onboard your Alty wallet via WhatsApp using this link.

Onboard your Alty wallet via Telegram using this link.

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