HUGE: Japan Announces Game Changing Development

September 15, 2023 1:38 pm Comments

Japan is making headlines for announcing game-changing updates to its corporate funding system.

According to multiple sources, Japan will now allow publicly listed companies to issue blockchain and tokenized securities instead of the traditional securities investors, entrepreneurs, and financiers are familiar with.

As of now, these new provisions are limited to a specific class of companies known as Investment Business Limited Partnerships (LPS), though this may change in the future.

Here’s what everyone is saying about the recent development:

Coin Telegraph had more on the story:

So far, Japan has lagged behind the rest of the world on embracing digital assets. However, this has been changing in recent months.

Japan’s primary financial regulatory authority, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), made a significant move on August 31, seeking to amend the tax code related to cryptocurrencies, thereby taking a more active role in cryptocurrency regulation.

CryptoGeek also shared this related development. Ripple has long touted its goal of bringing real-world assets such as real estate and stocks on-chain through tokenization, and now the firm has announced strategic partnerships in the South Pacific.

U Today explained:

The Japanese seem to be ahead of the U.S. when it comes to crypto regulation. While the U.S. regulator SEC, spearheaded by Gary Gensler, is doing nothing but suing crypto exchanges and fining DeFi apps, it also seems to be trying to slow down the emergence of Bitcoin spot ETFs in the country.

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