HUGE News For Stellar And XLM—Is The Untouchable Jed McCaleb Behind It?

December 15, 2022 10:45 am Comments

Those with Uphold wallets are celebrating this latest announcement:

The Stellar Network, and its native token XLM, make it possible to tokenize and send any currency effortlessly and seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

XLM is a near copy of XRP and both Stellar and Ripple Labs were started by the enigmatic Jed McCaleb.

McCaleb has long been speculated to be at the very heart of cryptocurrency and is even suspected of being one of the members of the Satoshi group…

Our Editor-in-Chief previously asked:

“Here’s another question: XLM is mostly a clone of XRP with a few minor changes. Why is Ripple Labs sued and not McCaleb’s current company, Stellar Labs? Why wouldn’t both be sued? Is it because that would be a little TOO close to comfort for McCaleb?”

Influencers like the Digital Asset Investor also found it highly suspect that McCaleb’s XLM holdings and the company itself have never faced the same scrutiny that Ripple has:

On July 19th, 2022, Ripple Labs announced:

This past weekend, Jed McCaleb sold the last of his XRP in his “tacostand” wallet. For context, he originally owned 9 billion units of XRP in 2012 when the XRP Ledger was created.

McCaleb offloaded all of his XRP a little over 4 months ago and now (officially anyway) he has no stake in Ripple labs or the Ripple token, plus a boatload of cash to boot…

Could this latest announcement from Uphold signal that the Stellar Network, possibly at the behest of McCaleb, is poised to position itself as the de facto leader in peer-to-peer transactions?

Because from where I am standing, the Stellar Network is gearing up to give Ripple and the Ripple Ledger a run for its money.


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