Inc. Magazine Adds Ripple (XRP) To Inc. 5000 List

August 17, 2022 9:20 pm Comments

Inc. Magazine has just added Ripple to the Inc. 5000 list which represents the top 5000 fastest growing private companies in North America.

Many of the companies on the list were also blockchain and crypto related companies which indicates the growth of the industry overall.

This is not the first time that Ripple has been added to such a list as the company was also added as one of the top 100 Medium workplaces by Fortune magazine.

In recent news, Ripple has also revealed that they may be looking to acquire Celsius Network’s assets which means that the company will likely retain its top position on the list for a long time to come. reports:

Inc. Magazine has added Ripple to the list of America’s fastest-growing private companies. It ranks at 2,456th place on the list after growing 236% over the past year.

Earlier in August, Ripple was also recognized by Fortune magazine as one of the 100 best Medium workplaces. The company sits at 34 on that list.

Ripple is also looking to purchase the assets of recently bankrupt Celsius Network, which can see the company grow even more.

A lot of the growth that Ripple has had can be attributed to the skyrocketing demand for its On Demand Liquidity service (ODL).

The amount of sales that it has gotten from ODL indicates that Ripple (XRP) provides value through utility and is not a security like the SEC claims.

Ripple’s ODL business continues to expand globally around the world despite the current SEC lawsuit against Ripple in the United States.

As a result, what is happening within the United States can be considered an anomaly given that it is truly the only country that actually considers XRP a security.

CoinSpeaker concludes:

Ripple has undoubtedly been making ways for itself and positioning itself at remarkable levels. Before Inc Magazine released its list, Fortune referred to Ripple as one of the best medium workplaces.

The blockchain company climbed to 34th on this year’s list, rising over its previous position in 2021. Fortune determines the best workplaces by collaborating with global data analytics and consulting firm Great Place to Work.

The joint forces could evaluate each company’s level with their data. While acknowledging Ripple as the best medium workplace, Fortune said the blockchain company has a total of 575 employees across the globe.

Also, the company is fervent in expanding its reach despite its long-running legal battle with US regulators. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse sounded fulfilled with the achievement, stating that it is “always nice to get a little third-party validation.”

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